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Do guys like ultra white teeth?

So I've heard a lot of guys say that a girl's smile is one of her most attractive features. Today, people have gone crazy with white teeth, and most... Show More

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  • They're nice, of course. You want to be careful though, to much bleaching will damage them

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  • As long as they're white and straight. They don't have to be uber white, but they do have to be well kept.

  • There is such thing as over-brushing..you know?

    • yea well people do have teeth as white as that in real life also

    • Just sayin'

What Girls Said 2

  • No! Of course not! I mean not all guys want that,but it's good you have a white smile ^^ If it looks at least nice and not ugly and yellowish it's fine. Guys usually say my eyes are my most attractive feature so yes it varies in guys. So don't you worry it's not a turn off

  • Yeah they do. I have super white teeth and I always get compliments on them from men and women. Naturally white teeth are good too, as long as they aren't yellow or beige-ish, but the whiter your teeth can be the better. I love the bleached white teeth look

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