Do guys like big girls?

i mean not like really huge but like maybe around 195lbs and under? if so what do you like about a big girl?


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  • in my experience not as much as normal sized girls. guys think some are attractive if they have very good proportions (hourglass), or are girlie looking. but usually they don't like very overweight ones unless they like her personality first


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  • I will go for a girl who is thick way before I go for a super skinny girl. It depends of the total package though. A girl who is thick, but is fashionable, cute, confident, and carries herself well, is still attractive in my opinion. Also, if you have a great personality, extra points there.

  • Honest Answer:

    Not really, no.

    Anything up to 160 is ok though, depending on your body fat percentage.

  • I hate to burst yer bubble, but I figure hard truth is the way to go.

    the reason MOST (not all) men perfer average or slender women is that it promote feelings of protective nature. men like myself are romatic, we still dream about getting married, and part of the process is being able to carry the bride over the threshold on the honeymoon. and ya just can't do that with big women. so that kinda kills the fantasy. trust men, when a guy is approaching a woman, he is thinking about the future "is this someone I want to marry"

    big girls just come across as big sisters. they make great drinking buddies, but seldom any feelings beyond that. least of all lust.

    • I totallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      100% agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      really like what you have said!

  • ok I know with me I have been more attracted to larger women. what I mean is a healthy looking kind of large. I like the big hips and something in the bust. when I see a twig I cringe and look for the nearest twinky to give them. but really guys I know like a girl that looks healthy, and sure many (not all) guys will agree healthy looking is what attracts them.

  • Hips, lips and those nice round tips... and that big girls ain't scared to eat on dates

  • If the girl is thick (not fat) for her height, then it's all good. Most guys do like big girls... we just don't like disgustingly huge behemoths

  • if a guy is big then yes usually, a guy doesn't like girls that weigh ten more pounds than him

  • Yeah, I find 30lbs "overweight" fine, but an ounce underweight a big turn off.

  • look there is some one for everyone. you will finde a guy sooner or later.

    big girls are more often then not very funny. they also have a better grip on reality.

  • If you weight that much because you're tall and built like someone from a long line of porters and washtub girls, then that's one thing. (I knew the cutest girl that was built like a girly linebacker once. Face like an angel, nice bust, but taller and broader shouldered than me.)

    If you're just short and stout, then no. No one like being with someone that's unhealthy and looks like they can't take care of themselves. Being a little soft is cute especially if it gives you good hips and bust, but having jellyrolls or a prominent pot belly is not.

    Without knowing how tall you are, I can't really say.

  • Guys should not be generalized.


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  • A lot of this depends on the guy, and on how the girl wears her weight. For instance, I have a friend that weighs 180 pounds, and she does NOT look it. She is a personal trainer, so she has a lot of muscle, which weighs more than fat. In fact, I'm not a small girl, as I'm 5'8" and a half and 165 pounds. And I've never had any problems finding guys. But because of my height, well, I wear that weight much differently than someone who is 5'3" and my weight.

    I guess what I'm saying is don't focus on the number. I don't allow scales in my house so that I don't. That number really means very little, other than yoour mass versus gravity, etc. What matters is what weight you have. Is it fat, is it muscle, is it proportioned or all in one area?

  • I'm about 190 pounds and my ex was 150 (less sometimes). It was a bit of an issue for him in the beginning but, honestly, if I was more confident when I first met him, it wouldn't have been a big deal- because it bothered me most, it began to bother him.

    I think men like women to be shapely but to be lean. I think any girl could be 190, 195 etc., and carry the weight extremely well (such as in the hips, thighs, butt, etc.,) but I think it very much has to do with the personality of the girl- if she's confident in herself and her body.

    and, to be honest, if a man is going to be THAT picky then he needs to look pretty damn good himself otherwise, he doesn't have the right. I absolutely HATE men that are so picky but look bad themselves. be picky when you have the right to you know?

  • idk !,

    but I think being skinny is not that attractive at all, exactly as being very overweight. Guys would have different opinions and different proportions when they are valuing girls over all.

    they would consider her personality, thoughts, being cute and feminine, etc.


  • Hmm... I think it depends on the guy!

    Im pretty tall, around 5'11! and weigh about 200lbs... I feel that I should not weigh this much, its pretty gross... altho, I'm the average clothing size in the UK, my boobs are 38dd, so I think they take up the weight haha! I'm pretty curvy... like hourglass figure and plently of hip lol, but stomach doesn't stick out, its pretty flat... but I'm just heavy :S I don't know haha

    i don't think I look overweight... all my past interests have been slimmer than me, but taller... !

  • im hardly overweight but I'm not skinny either. I have heard from a lot of guys they like that. I'm pretty thick and muscular and some find that really hot.

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  • i know guys who are dating a skinny girl and have cheated on them with a bigger girl all because there afraid to admit to others they like bigger girls.