Phytogenix ultimate fat burner?

have you used it and if so does it work?

it says loose 30lbs and it contains 42 capsules

you guys are all right. I took the pills for one day and already I hate it, it made me sick, have diareah and I'm so shaky...i regret it and I'm returning them now thanks for all your answers.


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  • Do NOT take pills for fat loss. You can take CLA supplements to help with a rigorous workout and eating plan but THAT'S IT. There is only one true way to do this healthily. diet and exercise.

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      i do exersise a lot actually I'm an allstar cheerleader but lately I have noticed I'm starting to get tummy pouch and I want it to go away before it gets worse...i appriciate your response however I'm taking the pills regardless.