Is it true that Black guys are much stronger than white guys?

I think they have more developed bones and muscles which is why there are more black athletes. I do think that white guys are still second last to chinese guys, or at least the ones who don't play martial arts.

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  • I agree, white people also tend to be less courageous and I think that's a contributing factor


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  • Bones are different. I think slightly more dense in black males, but smaller hips and rib cage but wide shoulders. They tend to have higher muscle-fat ratios and leaner limbs. Useful for running fast and being explosive. Not so good for swimming, for example, where a little fat, high lung capacity and a longer torso help. Not actually good for powerlifting where shorter legs but powerful is a good combo.

  • I don't know if blacks are natural athletes, it differs on the individual. Most people develop their skills and ability through practice and training. Some are born with natrual gifts, others aren't. I developed my skills and ability in MMA by training my ass off for the past 4 years.

  • Blacks do have denser bones, that's why you don't get many/any black swimmers, but they do have more fast twitch fibres, that's why a white man will never win gold in the 100m, this is universal fact! Explosive power, black people, endurance, light black people, swimming, white people... steriotypical maybe but check medal tables from past world championships, olympics, you'll spot a pattern, certain events are easily predictable

  • Oh stupidity... lol

  • No. There are only more black athletes in football and basketball in the US. Many other sports are mixed or are dominated by other ethnicities. It's not that they have a knack for sports, it's more likely that they start at a younger age and spend more time doing them. If you go into inner cities that typically have high black population, you will see more basketball games being played than in suburbs or in rural areas. Boxing gyms often pull in troubled youth to keep them off the streets. Boxing used to be dominated by poor white immigrants, Irish and Italian especially. Then black fighters became more of a presence. Now, most seem to be Latino. Baseball teams in America build baseball camps in Central America to "farm" their future talent. I think their family's socioeconomic status is more of a determinant that the race of the individual.

    • There was an era when there were masses of jewish boxers in the U.S. as well.

      I actually don't think any race has an advantage in combat sports, or rather they have distinct advantages, but since combat sports use a mix of energy types and power/speed types, different body types/advantages can be used differently. I mean you look at a pure sport like the marathon, and the vast majority of olympic medalists have similar height/weight. But in something like boxing or MMA, its not true.

  • White men dominate power lifting and muscle based sports that require the upper body, black guys dominate quickness based sports that involve the legs.

    White guys dominate things like power lifting, discuss throwing, swimming (that needs strong upper bodies to prepell themselves forward) wrestling etc

    Black guys usually dominate leg based sports e.g running which requires lighter thinner legs (you can't run like a race horse with thick strong legs) jumping events etc

    • Half right, half wrong. I don't think its arm vs. leg - olympic weightlifting is more lower body then upper body, and is very fast-twitch, but is still dominated by white atheletes. There IS a difference in profile between different areas but it shows up primarily at the elite level.

  • um. racial stereotyping much?


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  • No it's genetic. You can't base that on a race as a whole.

  • It depends on the two guys in question.

    If there's a muscular white guy who's a black belt and a skinny black dude with no fighting experience of any kind, who do you think would win then? lol On average though black guys are bigger than white guys so in most cases it's probably true.

    And actually the reason why there are more black athletes than white athletes is because since they're usually taller and have bigger upper bodies, they're center of gravity higher. Which makes them harder to take down in say football. But with something like Hockey, a lower center of gravity is better which is why you hardly ever see black hockey players. Just a little fun trivia for ya =P

    • so their center of gravity is higher*

  • It depends on the person, I've seen a lot of very stong black males but some very skinny ones as well, it has to do with genetics as well, it doesn't matter what someones skin color is, everyones the same.