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How to slim my hips, butt, and thighs by 2 inches?

I am a pear shape. I am already thin enough on top...literally I will look sick if I lose anymore weight from the waist up...but my butt is too big... Show More

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  • I know what you mean but to be that way embrace it I'm the same way. I can tell you one of my tricks but remember once a pear always a pear love it.

    Plan 30 minutes of cardio activity daily to shed hip, thigh and leg fat. If you haven’t worked out recently, use moderate cardio, like walking or biking on flat surfaces to burn fat. You can lose fat faster with vigorous activities, such as Rollerblading, climbing stairs, swimming or jumping rope.

    Complete at least two strength-training sessions weekly to tone your hips, thighs and legs. The sessions should last about 20 to 30 minutes. You can use free weights, resistance tubing or your own body weight to tone your muscles. Strength training will help you burn calories, even after your workout session is over. This will promote hip, thigh and leg fat loss.

    Use circuit training to streamline your workouts. With this approach, you combine cardio activity and strength training to burn 30 percent more calories, according to “Fitness” magazine. Start with a hip-, thigh- or leg-toning exercise, such as leg lunges. Alternate to a vigorous cardio activity, such as jumping jacks. Continue rotating between a toning exercise and jumping jacks for at least 30 minutes.

    If you don't want to get to skinny getting tone is a great way to be healthy and getting your hips thighs and but down :) also Eat fewer calories by selecting the right foods. High-fiber foods allow you to feel full while eating fewer calories. For example, a cup of grapes contains only 104 calories and is high in fiber. Other healthy options include vegetables and whole-grain foods like oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice.

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  • Butt is muscle, hips are bones and Thighs are also a muscle so I don't think it's possible.

    You shouldn't be worried about it, some girls look hot with that type of body type.

    • link <--- that is like a perfect body :) that="" is="" like="" a="" perfect="" body="">

    • I have that, I don't want my hips that big or ass that wide

  • You're blessed with a nice body shape, that's why they won't slim down.

    • ugghhh this sucks

    • No, it doesn't.

  • Aww. Don't do it! Sorry for not actually answering.

    • why?

    • Pear shape is my favorite shape and you're wanting to shrink my 3 favorite things on a girl. lol

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  • ride a bike...get on an eliptical machine...(not sure if that is how you spell that)...or even go running.

  • you can't,when you lose weight,your entire body looses weight,you can't spot burn. but you can do toning exercises,but it won't be very effective,it will just tighten your muscles

    • OMG you mean I am stuck with these measurements? oh damn, this sucks!

  • try a body wrap at a spa

    • ba ha ha that only lets you lose water weight

  • ughhh I have the same problem and all the guys on here say they like it but I hate it hahah

  • well I'm hot I have an hourglass lol

  • I need to lose weight from my bottom half too. :/

    Cardio, cardio, cardio! That's what's going to burn that fat.

    You could do running on a treadmill with varying speeds and inclines, the elliptical, biking (although it's less effective than treadmills and ellipticals). And also jump rope is a great cardio workout.

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