Could your pee ever smell like the food you eat?

I know it's a very pleasant question, but that's what GAG is for ;)

What type of food/drink did your pee smell like?

The reason I'm asking this question is because I smell coffee in my urine. I'm not a fan of coffee but I have been drinking it excessively for a couple of days now. Nothing else affects my urine's odor; just coffee.


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  • Yes, that can happen. If you drink too much caffeine then your kidneys will not fully filter waste liquids. As such you can have coffee smelling urine if you drink too much of it. Slow down on the caffeine. It is a diuretic and will make you urine more. Garlic and asparagus also change the oder of urine due to a compound called methyl mercaptan which also happens to be found in skunk secretions. Other than that, if you happen to be a diabetic you can get sweet/fruity smelling urine. Infections can change the smell of urine as well.

    • Thanks! :)

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    • Yeah, that's all the nitrogen in the urine... It makes for great fertilizer. =P

    • Hahahaha :)

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  • Asparagus can get into the smell of your urine after eating it.

    • I heard that. So glad I don'tlike asparagus.

    • Oh yeah, try not to eat 2 much of this before a date, or your whole body will smell like it after your first wizz!

  • I eat healthy therefore my p*ss smells nutritious.

  • Only for certain foods, because your kidneys, don't filter everything. Pineapple, coffee and asparagus are a few. Asparagus has an natural diuretic, which your kidneys don't filter.

    • Coffee! Yeah, it happens to me all the time when I drink coffee excessively. I thought it was abnormal.

  • Only if the food (or other consumable) you have ingested is unpleasant.

    On my part I find the unpleasant odour of my new antidepressants which are disgusting to swallow in the first place.

    Oh I've tasted worse but these are less than delightful and am reminded of them on subsequent visits to the lavatory.

  • wtf lol I don't think so but I'm not sure lmao

  • By eating of asparagus

  • I usually could smell it when I'm sick and my urine smells like the medicine I'm taking.

    • Yup, that too.

    • That's what my initial posting was about except that my mediation is a constant. I take it every day if I remember.

  • yeaa the other day I made these bangin cupcakes like 20 min after I ate them I take a p*ss and my bathroom smelled like a bakery, I could even smell the jimmies

  • A mans' diet affects the way his semen tastes. If he eats a lot of salt, it'll TASTE salty. If he eats a lot of sugar, it'll TASTE sweet but I don't think semen has a smell to it, does it?

    If semen has a smell to it, then maybe urine does too

    • Probably TMI but your question made me go pee, right after I answered the question, ha!

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    • Oh semen has a smell to it. Trust me. And both of course have a taste. IF my partner has not been eating anything disgusting (like the aforementioned asparagus) then her urine tastes just fine (yes I'm into golden showers thank you). But generally I'm not too keen on the taste of semen. I'm told that beer enhances the flavour but I've never experimented with that.

    • Beer enhances anything...except chocolate

  • yea, I read about asparagus can make your pee smell. I don't know about coffee

  • Certainly not an unpleasant Question...(:

  • As an ardent Pee Lover, yes coffee screws up the smell of pee..oh well...que sera...but NOTHING is worse than asparagus! YUCK! Taster repellent...): I am told that not everyone has the genes to smell asparagus pee..but unfortunately..I am one of them...nothing better than smell of fresh female morning urine! OMG..drives me mad...just like cats & catnip...(:

  • Well I guess my pee smells like tortilla chips since its basically salt. :-D

    • You guess? So, it doesn't smell like that...

    • It does lol.

    • =D

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  • Asparagus and coffee do. But the weirdest thing is that after having beets, I notice my feces turns red. It scared the bejeebies out of me till I realized it was the beets lol.

  • yes its possible, your waste is what you eat, including poo too scarily. one time my cousin ate this tub of beet salad from whole foods and she said her poo turned was gross to hear that lol

    also when you eat vitamins, your pee turns extra yellow and has a distinct smell, its filtering out extra vitamins your body doesn't need.

    • That's why when we're going to do a scat scene my wife makes sure she doesn't eat anything ahead of time that I'm allergic to.

  • The only thing that ever affected it for me was taking Penicillin for an infection. It was horrible and it took forever for it to get out of my system.

    • Stay healthy Dear..we want that pee smelling Primo! (:

    • I will do my best :) lol

  • It's quite gross but I smell onions, and I think that's the only thing that really effects my urine...bad times.

    • I would rather have "onion pee" than "no pee"...

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    • Are you unsly-ly telling me you like a *ahem* goldenshower?

      If you are, I ain't offering.

    • LOL! Golden Showers...There is no need for all of that! Haven't had one of those for over 20 years!

      I just simply love pee...but no...I am not asking..there is 4,000 miles between us..that would be real talent...not that I wouldn't enjoy it however

  • I don't pee. >:/

    • O_O what do you do then?

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    • Would much prefer the smell of your pee thank you...:)

    • D:

  • lol...

    I once drank pineapple soda for 4 days straight...for no reason...and my pee was almost orange...and it sort of smelled like it.

    Anyway...recently I have been drinking only water...and I p*ss pure odor anymore...

    but as for food..if I ate a "fruit" pineapple or orange...then...yeah...

    as for something solid like cheese burger...i doubt.

    my p*ss never smelt like cheese burger before.

    • LOL Well, mine smells like coffee. I drink like three cups of coffee a day lately (although I'm not a fan) and I noticed this smell :/

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    • um, oddly enough I have realized on each answer the unbelievable amounts of dislikes on completly ethical answers.

      I think I will give everyone a seems like we may have downvote trolls.

    • I give everone a plus already :) You're too awesome to bother :)

  • Yeah, if you drink a lot of coffee you will definitely smell it in your urine.

  • only medicine affects the odor ""in my case"" lol

  • Like we say in our family, it's not a good day (or meal) unless we've talked about our bodily functions!

    I guess we're all family on here! :D

  • Asparagus gives a strong odor although I'm not sure why.

    If I eat fatty/greasy foods, my urine smells strong. But for the most part since I'm healthy and drink plenty of water there is not odor

    • @UPDATE:


      Apparently it's common lol

      I'm not surprised especially if the food or drink is eaten regularly

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    • Mmmm, burning while urinating, pain in the kidney area(wherever that is lol), problems urinating..cause that would just be a sign of kidney or bladder problems.

      But I wouldn't be concerned. Coffee is strong and after excessive drinking it's normal for it to appear out of your system somehow.

      It's like with food, if you eat too much of it then it could appear in your...poop! For instance, too much iron intake can cause black stools, too many greens can cause a green appearance

    • Haha nah, nothing like that; just the odor. Thank you so much :)

  • Sally, have you recently suffered a concussion?

    • Why do you say so? :(

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    • I did! XD that's why I'm LOLing like crazy now!

      Smarty pants! =D

    • idk..I kind of liked it! DebiPie tipped me off..(:

  • I don't think so.

    • Superior Female here..always produces quality pee...(:

  • OK,this is a weird question...

    • did you read the answers yet? lol

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    • Do I? You're the taster and I'm into "water sports"

    • Naw I was talking to the Louisiana Lass...cannot get her to admit that she would share her pee with her lover...)"