Could your pee ever smell like the food you eat?

I know it's a very pleasant question, but that's what GAG is for ;)

What type of food/drink did your pee smell like?

The reason I'm asking this question is because I smell coffee in my urine. I'm not a fan of coffee but I have been drinking it excessively for a couple of days now. Nothing else affects my urine's odor; just coffee.


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  • Yes, that can happen. If you drink too much caffeine then your kidneys will not fully filter waste liquids. As such you can have coffee smelling urine if you drink too much of it. Slow down on the caffeine. It is a diuretic and will make you urine more. Garlic and asparagus also change the oder of urine due to a compound called methyl mercaptan which also happens to be found in skunk secretions. Other than that, if you happen to be a diabetic you can get sweet/fruity smelling urine. Infections can change the smell of urine as well.

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      Thanks! :)

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      Yeah, that's all the nitrogen in the urine... It makes for great fertilizer. =P

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      Hahahaha :)