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What type of girls do guys like?

I have a pretty thin frame, meaning I look 13 when I'm like in college, I've tried gaining weight, meaning I used to wolf down fast food & things... Show More

whaaaaatt.? How did my question change from "Do guys like slender girls to this.?" o___o
Thank You for all your answers.! (both gals & guys) ^^ They really help open up a girl's eyes :D now I know if one guy won't accept me then another will and it won't matter that I'm a twig hahaha.! Thank you for all your answers & NEW answers are always welcome :D

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  • Thin is preferred. Guys not attracted to that? Send the thin girls my way please.

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What Guys Said 26

  • I don't have a type, but as long as she looks healthy, I'm game.

  • Yeah, the whole Cate Blanchett / Gwyneth Paltrow look is pretty good.

  • Slender is fine. It's when they have a near anorexic look that it's a turn-off.

  • 1. yes many guys do. some guys prefer meatier girls but yes lots of guys like slender girls.2. if you want to gain weight the healthiest way is to increase calorie and protein intake while doing regular weight training (2-3x a week)

  • depends what type of guy your asking

  • I don't like girls that are thinner than Cassadee Pope.

  • Slender is fine as long as you're not anorexic or really skinny.

  • > I have a pretty thin frame, meaning I look 13 when I'm like in college, That's okay, some guys like that ;)

    • thanks ha ha =D

  • I don't think you have anything to worry about. Yes, some guys like bigger girls, but guys like all different types of girls. That's why Kate Moss and Roseanne Barr both have guys!Personally, I think you look beautiful the way you are. If I were a few years younger, I'd be blushing every time you looked in my direction....okay, even being older than you, I'd probably STILL blush if you looked in my direction.

  • Don't worry about your body so much. Most guys will be much more concerned with your face than your weight.

  • Don't worry about it, after all someone should like you for your personality anyway. At the end of the day someone's looks won't be worth anything close to things like support/love/etc.

  • i kinda like a bit of everyting. what matters the most is your personality. and you look pretty cute from that profile pic ;)

  • I may be interested in you by your looks but your personality would make me attracted to you. If you want to get noticed ask questions about what the guy is doing and that you want to learn how to do xzy. After you get to know him if you are nurturing and caring toward a guy that is really sexy. Going up to him and just hugging him. Asking him if you can get him something to eat. Just doing simple things for him that shows you like him. He should also want to do things for you! I feel like so many girls are not worth dating because they lack compassion and act like selfish bitches and then they wonder why their relationships are always screwed up. You don't have to look a certain way to get great guys because showing you care and willing to learn new things will make him happy and actually build relationships. A lot of girls like to have test and play games with guys that just create more tension and confusion in relationships. If you are more strait to the point and open about what you intend to do the person you are trying to persew won't feel like they need to decode what you mean and will be more comfortable around you.

    • this may not answer my question but I adore the answer.! =D

  • You would be exactly my type..i see no problem...but..why did you unfriend me?

  • A pretty face, average to hot body and a personality deeper then a bag of chips.real hobbies other than TV or books. Understands how the world works and has common sense. Honest ,real and faithful with morals. Someone I can look at equally without having to be expected to buy everything and always spend money. Someone who likes movies/music with depth and real plot/character development and not just chick flick,sitcom BS.

  • I honestly don't care what she looks like as long as she's healthy then I'm good to go I just get picky with her personality about the naturally thin thing; I know how you feel. I'm naturally thin as well and being a guy it's no fun cause girls don't really want a skinny guy. Anyways, you being skinny is of no importance to me. As long as you are in good health then I'm good :)I know how to it feels to have a fast metabolism so I won't judge you for itI don't expect anything from her which I don't expect from myself.

  • Most of them like girls who are arrogant bitches and demand stuff.

  • To answer your last question, not at all. And by that I should specify that as long as you don't look like one of the olsen twins at their minimum thickness, you're fine. Judging by your arm in the pic, I'd say you don't have anything to worry about. It seems within reasonable range to me..

  • naturally thin is best for me, cause then the girl and I can share any type of food without having to worry about her getting fat.and you don't look too skinny in your profile pic.

  • Slender can look great, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. :)

  • It's fine.

  • Yep. You look pretty cute to me by the way.

    • The admins like to give out generic titles to questions now. It's annoying.

    • Ahh I see :( thanks for answering it.! ^^

    • Welcome. :)

  • Personally I prefer girls who are thin but have curves in the right places, e.g...booty. lol

  • personally, I'd go for skinny(ier)/slender girls.you have nothing to worry about. as another user says, the face is what's important as well.=)

  • petite innocent looking girls. they are so hot.

What Girls Said 5

  • Absolutely they do. I feel I'm always being dumped for the thin ones!I'm a bigger girl myself, I do try and eat well and I exercise a lot. I'm now more toned but not that much smaller (getting there very slowly)But, looking at the types of women all my friends are with they are all TINY. Like, size 4 tiny. Little boobs, little waists, little everything!All men like different women. I mean, I don't like well built muscled guys, I much prefer tall, slim, and natural, but apparently women generally like a ripped man? My ex is about 5 foot 10 and weighed roughly 50kg. Small does not mean unattractive.If you're frame is small anyway, even if you did put on weight it might look odd. If you look in proportion and normal that is what men like. Symmetry. Don't beat yourself up about it - if guys aren't asking you out it's more because they're scared you're too good for them ;-)

    • thank you hun, I think we all women just have our unsure moments >_<

    • That's OK :) Absolutely, but everyone being different means that everyone can help each other through things :) xxx

  • I totally relate to your experience. You should be grateful because with your frame, you are able to attract a greater variety of guys. Also, don't let anyone make you feel bad about your figure. If that is you in the pic, you are really pretty.

    • Thank you, you are so sweet & you're really pretty too.! Your teeth are so white <3

    • Hahaha, thanks! Keep your head up!

  • You may not receive such positive responses since most of the guys on here are attracted to the "i don't workout" look and the unhealthy/fat/flabby look aka the "curvy" lookBut yes, plenty do. My sister happens to be slender..well, she was slender as a teen & she has had a steady boyfriend for literally...15-16 years(yeah, she's old haha).

    • "You may not receive such positive responses since most of the guys on here are attracted to the "i don't workout" look and the unhealthy/fat/flabby look aka the "curvy" look"so true...

    • hahahahahaha true true xD

  • yes they like slender chicks :)

  • why, hello there :) heheyes, they do like slender girls.

    • hello.! I was wondering cause girls always say "guys like skinny girls" but from what I've seen they don't :( so I don't know @_@

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    • why slippy, you sound as if you might know a thing or two about slender girls =P

    • i've seen one from afar... :p

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