What type of girls do guys like?

I have a pretty thin frame, meaning I look 13 when I'm like in college, I've tried gaining weight, meaning I used to wolf down fast food & things with high carbs to try and gain weight and nothing :( But people always think it's the chubby people who suffer with their image but I'm skinny and I... Show More

whaaaaatt.? How did my question change from "Do guys like slender girls to this.?" o___o
Thank You for all your answers.! (both gals & guys) ^^ They really help open up a girl's eyes :D now I know if one guy won't accept me then another will and it won't matter that I'm a twig hahaha.! Thank you for all your answers & NEW answers are always welcome :D

Most Helpful Guy

  • Thin is preferred. Guys not attracted to that? Send the thin girls my way please.