Boys do you care about farmers tan?

Well, I have a horrible farmers tan. Half of my arms are tan and the other half is like... white... What do you think about this? I this a turn off? Please be honest. Thank You!

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  • if its really noticeable then yeah I do, I actually really hate bra tans, those are gross as f***


What Guys Said 5

  • If by care you mean find irresistible, then yes, I care a lot.

  • its really funny lol that's y I work shirtless ;p

  • No, but some people may. Lots of people do the tanning beds. but I'm also from somewhere cold right now.

  • Call me weird but if there is one thing I love in this world it is tanlines. I don't mean to sound like a perv or anything but since you asked for honest answers I LOVE when there ass and breasts are white. And the rest of there bodies tan. For some reason the contrast is so hot to me :) Is that what your bodies like or did you just mean literally on your arms and nothing else?


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  • just buy some fake tan