Why do many women like to watch men fight/wrestle?

When I was at school and there was a fight it was often the girls who were the first on the scene to watch and to shout and scream. And at wrestling matches it is often the women who are ringside and who get the most involved. Has it something to do with evolution and genes or what? Does it turn them on? If so, why?


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  • I like it because the guys are showing off their strength and it shows how tough they can be :) I love watching some muscle action every now and then :P

    • does it turn you on? do you like even fights or do you prefer to watch a domination fight?

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    • Haha alright :P I love dominant guys...any guy that shows off his masculinity and know how to use it properly is number one on my list lol

    • Hi in this topic: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q596166-why-do-many-women-like-to-watch-men-fight-wrestle << I read you love to see men wrestle each other! I am a wrestler and can sent you tons of clips! wanna see some? inbox me

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  • Not interested. It's a turn-off, not a turn-on.

  • Because most girls love drama/confrontation. It has very little to do with the action/violence. And no, it doesn't turn most girls on. It may make them be attracted to a guy because they view him as manly since he fights but it won't put most girls in the mood by watching a fight.

  • Uhhh, I don't like fights at school. That would be some trashy ass girls at your school to get there panties melting from a school fight. I do like professional MMA fights though. I watch it with my boyfriend, and one of my friends is training for it. Yes, it's a turn on. I'm always horny after. I think it is more of a primitive instinct to see a man be strong and rough and beat some one weaker down like that. It's just sexy. It's masculine. Lots of girls now a days like the p**** boys with the tight pants. No thank you, I want a man that is stronger than I am, thank you. Ha. It's sexy. Every girl wants to feel protected and safe.

  • I dunno, why do guys like to watch girls makeout?

    • 2 girls making out can be seen as foreplay... knocked out bloody and beaten bodies not so much... lol

      why does it turn you on to watch guys fight?

    • me personally, it doesn't. It actually makes me sick and I'm completely turned off from any guy I see fighting. IMO guys that fight a lot are neanderthals, and I like my men a bit more evolved :P What would turn me on 10x more is a guy that can use with to get his point across without having to resort to physical violence.

    • Hi in this topic: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q596166-why-do-many-women-like-to-watch-men-fight-wrestle << I read you love to see men wrestle each other! I am a wrestler and can sent you tons of clips! wanna see some?

  • Same when guys watch girls fight

  • I think it's sexy to fight, even when girls do it.

    • why do you think it is sexy?

    • I dunno, I can't explain it.

  • For me its because it's so raw and they look so strong and I wish I could be strong like that.

  • I personally,don't like it at all. I don't even like drama between girls. It doesn't turn me on or anything, I think its boring.

  • i've actually never enjoy watching fights in school I thought it was stupid.

  • Cause it's hot. Because they are displaying how masculine they can be.

    • you prefer domination fights? or even fights?

    • even fights

  • I guess they like the super masculine behavior

    • they? you are female, you should know what they/you like... does it turn you on to watch guys wrestle/fight?

  • i hate it they look retarded. turn off.


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  • This reminds me of a time when two guys has to fight for a girls love. I thought they were both idiots, I mean it's obvious that she just wants drama and to because havoc. It's like because one guy trained more or is stronger so he wins the fight and someone her love, that's just idiotic. I would never physically fight to get a women, but of course to protect her is a different matter.

  • why do men like to watch women wrestle

    • unless they're nude/wear a bikini, guys don't like to watch them wrestle/fight. girls love to watch guys fight (even if they are fully clothed).

  • Just as the doe like to watch the buck's clash, human females usually like to watch males compete. It determines which male is stronger and therefore worthy of affection and reproducing.

    • LOL we are not in the stone age anymore. nerdy bill gates is superior to vin diesel... who is the alpha male? who is worthy of affection and reproducing?

    • Hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary psychology is not easily overridden, you only need to look at the all time low birth rates across the anglosphere to recognise human mating systems are the same as our primate cousins.