Why do many women like to watch men fight/wrestle?

When I was at school and there was a fight it was often the girls who were the first on the scene to watch and to shout and scream. And at wrestling... Show More

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  • I like it because the guys are showing off their strength and it shows how tough they can be :) I love watching some muscle action every now and then :P

    • does it turn you on? do you like even fights or do you prefer to watch a domination fight?

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    • Haha alright :P I love dominant guys...any guy that shows off his masculinity and know how to use it properly is number one on my list lol

    • Hi in this topic: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q596166-why-do-many-women-like-to-watch-men-fight-wrestle < i read you love to see men wrestle each other! i am a wrestler and can sent you tons of clips! wanna see some? inbox me i="" read="" you="" love="" to="" see="" men="" wrestle="" each="" other!="" i="" am="" a="" wrestler="" and="" can="" sent="" you="" tons="" of="" clips!="" wanna="" see="" some?="" inbox="">