I'm losing weight and I don't know how/why?

I'm pretty scared. I've lost 9 pounds in the past 3-4 months. I've always been really skinny/lean. but I'm way too skinny now and I really need to gain that weight back. according the the CDC's BMI calculator: the BMI is 16.7 , placing the BMI-for-age at the 1st percentile for girls aged 18 years 7 months.

I eat breakfast every morning (scrambled eggs...takes up about 1/4 of my plate). I eat lunch every day (a slice of pizza and a small salad, maybe a turkey wrap, sometimes a piece of grilled chicken and mashed potatoes). and I eat dinner every night (something similar to lunch). I'm a freshman in college so I eat whatever is being served in the dining hall.

I haven't changed my eating habits from when I was in high school. (if anything, I'm eating more because I'd just have a banana or a muffin for breakfast and only a slice of pizza or maybe just fries for lunch).

I'm not burning more calories because I just go to class and sit on my bed doing homework. its a really small campus so I'm only walking 3 minutes max to my furthest class. idk...

I wish I knew how I was losing this weight and somehow reverse it. any ideas? also, any tips on how I can GAIN weight?

I'm 5'9".

in early October I weighed 122.

in early December I weighed 118.

and I weighed myself today and I weigh 113.


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  • Seems we have a case of the Freshman 15. That is under weight though. You may want to talk to a doctor if it continues at this rate or speeds up, just to make sure there isn't an underlying and more serious cause.