What is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to lose weight?

either the best advice you got, or little tricks that can help.


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  • Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. You'll hear a lot of advice from people on how to work out properly for fat loss and the truth is they're all right. The reason is because IT DOESN'T MATTER what you do for exercise as long as you keep active and doing things that involve burning off your body's energy supplies provided you are KEEPING YOUR NUTRITION RIGHT.

    What you DON'T want to do:

    -Eat nothing/too little.

    -Completely cut any specific food group or macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats) from your diet. Your body needs all of these things to survive (unless you are medically sensitive to a specific thing for a specific reason)

    -Take "diet" pills.

    -Consume only liquids

    What you DO want to do:

    -Prepare your own foods from scratch often. If you have to, cook a bunch at once for reheating later.

    -Olive oil and coconut oil should be the only oils you cook with.

    -Focus more on slow digesting carbohydrates than fast.

    -Eat only whole grains, not bleached/enriched.

    -Meats should be lean meats only

    -Drink only water

    Be strict about your nutrition and exercise won't matter. Dance, run, jump around in your room while listening to heavy metal, whatever! Just burn energy. You don't have to follow any specific plan for exercise. If you want to fine tune your body for a specific look after you've progressed with your weight loss goals, come back and post a new question then.

    Believe me, I know about weight loss. Check this out. It's me:


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      I feel the opposite on this one. Exercise > diet. Diet is important, yes. But nothing to me trumps exercise in terms of bettering health and appearance.

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      Candlewax, same thing. Please don't stalk my questions and say I'm wrong without logically backing your opinion and thoroughly reading mine first.

      Moving on, the mention of Olympic athletes was to debunk the theory of "unhealthy" foods. Calorie dense foods are not unhealthy. They only serve a different purpose. And sorry Joshua, but many Olympic athletes frequently eat McDonald's to meet their calorie requirements. Bill Rodgers is a great example of an "unhealthy" eating athlete.

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      With that said, my point which you clearly missed and did not even touch on one bit was.. Weight gain/loss depends on the calorie equation. There are two ways to decrease weight through the calorie equation and that's burn more, or consume less. Weapon took the stance that consuming less was healthiest (diet). I took the stance that burning more was healthiest (exercise). Again, you have to understand this is theoretical diet vs exercise. We both understand everyone should have both.