What is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to lose weight?

either the best advice you got, or little tricks that can help.


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  • Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. You'll hear a lot of advice from people on how to work out properly for fat loss and the truth is they're all right. The reason is because IT DOESN'T MATTER what you do for exercise as long as you keep active and doing things that involve burning off your body's energy supplies provided you are KEEPING YOUR NUTRITION RIGHT.

    What you DON'T want to do:

    -Eat nothing/too little.

    -Completely cut any specific food group or macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats) from your diet. Your body needs all of these things to survive (unless you are medically sensitive to a specific thing for a specific reason)

    -Take "diet" pills.

    -Consume only liquids

    What you DO want to do:

    -Prepare your own foods from scratch often. If you have to, cook a bunch at once for reheating later.

    -Olive oil and coconut oil should be the only oils you cook with.

    -Focus more on slow digesting carbohydrates than fast.

    -Eat only whole grains, not bleached/enriched.

    -Meats should be lean meats only

    -Drink only water

    Be strict about your nutrition and exercise won't matter. Dance, run, jump around in your room while listening to heavy metal, whatever! Just burn energy. You don't have to follow any specific plan for exercise. If you want to fine tune your body for a specific look after you've progressed with your weight loss goals, come back and post a new question then.

    Believe me, I know about weight loss. Check this out. It's me:


    • I feel the opposite on this one. Exercise > diet. Diet is important, yes. But nothing to me trumps exercise in terms of bettering health and appearance.

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    • Candlewax, same thing. Please don't stalk my questions and say I'm wrong without logically backing your opinion and thoroughly reading mine first.

      Moving on, the mention of Olympic athletes was to debunk the theory of "unhealthy" foods. Calorie dense foods are not unhealthy. They only serve a different purpose. And sorry Joshua, but many Olympic athletes frequently eat McDonald's to meet their calorie requirements. Bill Rodgers is a great example of an "unhealthy" eating athlete.

    • With that said, my point which you clearly missed and did not even touch on one bit was.. Weight gain/loss depends on the calorie equation. There are two ways to decrease weight through the calorie equation and that's burn more, or consume less. Weapon took the stance that consuming less was healthiest (diet). I took the stance that burning more was healthiest (exercise). Again, you have to understand this is theoretical diet vs exercise. We both understand everyone should have both.

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  • It's a lifestyle change, and it takes time.

    If you don't change the fundamentals of your life, or if you try to rush it, you will fail.

    That's my personal guarantee.

  • a good(but tough and exhausting) way to lose weight, is

    to wrap yourself up in soft plastic and

    work that jump rope (the plastic will make you sweat alot

    and so you'll lose weight fast)

    • Dehydration is not a permanent form of weight loss. Sweat suits do little to increase calorie burning (in fact they'll hinder the intensity and length of your workout). They only help to drop water weight, which will be gained completely back within 24-48 hours and that is only useful for making weigh-ins.

    • this actually works in reality, but whatever..

  • No excuses. That's all you need to tell yourself.

    Along the way you will always look for reasons why you should skip workouts and eat unhealthy foods. Stop making excuses and do the right thing.

  • Don't invite them to an all you can eat buffet.

    And stop giving them candy on Halloween/Easter/Valentine's Day

  • I'm assuming that you already have an effective workout plan and diet set up. If not there are tons of resources all over the internet that you can get the necessary information from.

    Here's the reality of losing weight. During the process you're going to feel fairly hungry and unfilled most of the time, compared to what you're used to. It's a not so comfortable feeling and a lot of people let it get to them, and they end up giving up. What you put in your body is the most important thing. Of course weights, cardio, rest/recovery, and stress reduction are parts of it as well, the food you eat is the most important thing. A bad diet can nullify everything else you're doing to lose wieght. So, when you are having those hunger pains, know that those feelings are good. An effective way to think of it is to pretend that your body is at war with your fat. It's fighting against the fat and when you feel hungry, your body is winning! Be sure to be on a healthy diet that's designed to make you lose weight, but that you are getting all the nutrienst, vitamins, minerals, etc. that you need. DO NOT starve yourself. So that's basically it. Get on a good workout and diet plan, and know that when you feel hungry you're body is winning the war against the fat. It's a good thing.

    Also make absolutely sure that your are lifting weights as well. That, combined with cardio will make your metabolism much, much faster than just cardio alone. Higher metabolism, more fat gets burned. You WILL NOT gain big, bulky muscles, I guarantee you. GUYS have enough trouble doing that themselves, and we have boat loads of testosterone helping us do it.

    When you get to the weight, or size, that you want to be, don't go back to how you used to eat before. Being healthy and in shape is a lifestyle. Once you achieve your goal you can up your calories a bit, but just monitor yourself. There's tons of wonderful tasting meals that are very healthy, and will leave you feeling happy and content, not hungry.

  • The same advise I've heard at the begin of a lot of half marathons. Don't stop! =P

  • As time progresses look at how your clothes are fitting you. You'll see progress much more clearly that way then with a scale.

  • Try to include activity in your daily routine, for example walk short distances instead of driving. Stay away fro m the "bad" foods, cakes and pies and such. Have sex more often, start smoking, stop cramming stuff in your cramhole... hope this helps.

  • The less food you eat, the less weight you will gain.

  • Try eating every 2-3 hours, drink water, Stay under your calorie intake.

  • increase protein intake and reduce carbs. eat a lot of vegetables, not fruits cause they have sugars in it :P not sure but I am lazy to google that :P and also if you reduce your water intake you will loose faster but I don't recomend it...wrestlers (the olympic sport) do that in order to stay in their weight category

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    • You need to stop giving advice in this area.

    • lol you don't know what your sayin ;P lost 77 pounds

  • try surfing (idk just throwing out an idea) o-o


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  • Watch what you eat. Its best to make your own foods and know what goes in it. Be motivated to workout and stick with it. Push yourself too. Definitely eat though. Make sure you get a well balanced diet. You can eat fruits. The sugar in it is natural. Its different than sugar that comes from sugar cane. But like every food, don't overdo it.

  • Obviously, diet change, as has been mentioned a zillion times.

    However, do yourself a favor and do NOT cut out a ton of things at once. This will make it much harder to stick to your diet. Gradually cut things out.

    Example- soft drinks first. Say you drink them 4-5 times a week. Cut back to 2-3 for a week or two. Then 1-2 a week for a few weeks. Substitute with tea, water, milk, etc. Do this for a couple of weeks and gradually work in some other type of junk food like fries. Then work on something else, all while substituting for something better- whole foods, fruits, veggies, etc.

    It's a bit slower, but it works so much better. It weans you off of crappy food and eventually your body just craves the good stuff on its own and there won't be an internal struggle as much. I went this route with cutting back bad food and it was so much easier to deal with than just cutting cold turkey, which is the mistake a lot of people make and is why they fail a lot. Too much too fast.

    You can also be more aggressive and cut out a few more things. It all depends on you and how good you are with reminding yourself of what you should avoid/cut back on and substitute with.

    Of course, that combined with exercise. Bare minimum is 30 of cardio a day, but you should do 60 min a day most days of the week if possible, though going for 5-6 is acceptable too.

  • dinner two hours before bedtme and eat somthing very light exercise count calories that is all I nkow and drink a lots of water and the key is to balence your food don't over eat and don't starve but eat healthy things ah YOU should nkow the right way to exercise get help from someone you nkow

  • drink lots of water and don't eat. and if you eat, eat fruits.

    • She's since gone Anonymous, but in case you were wondering, this terrible piece of advice was contributed by 99PROBLEMS. link and for proof, I managed to get a screenshot. link Don't go expecting to see her again. You can pretty much guarantee she'll be anonymous from here on out. Especially if she realizes she's about to say something window licking, pants on head retarded.

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    • 99PROBLEMS and the black mask sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage! That's not it! That's not all! The baby's drinking alcohol! :D

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  • eat foods in the most rawest and purest forms possible...raw food diet!

    for breakfast: hard boiled eggs with some cayenne pepper, whole grain cereal with skim milk, or oatmeal, oatmeal has some magic to it whenever I eat it my stomach feels flatter the next day! and get the natural oatmeal not the apple flavored those have sugar that you don't need, instead get raw oatmeal warm it up with milk, drizzle honey cinnamon or some brown sugar on top, and put sliced bananas or fresh fruit

    for a brunch snack: eat sliced apples, with natural peanut butter, clementines or tangerines, fresh fruit, berries, carrots celery with hummus, some nuts, almonds pistachios etc

    for lunch: grilled or roasted chicken breast or fish fillet, salmon, tuna, lean ground turkey burger, sliced turkey, any lean meat with some whole grain pita bread or a huge portion of tossed salad with balsamic vinegrette always have a balanced plate, your plate should have a lean meat, greens and veggies, and some brown carb like whole grain bread or brown rice

    for snack: have dark chocolate pieces, almonds, more fruit, or sliced veggies, make a smoothie or fruit juice if you want, have greek yogurt- full of protein! don't eat any other kind of yogurt they have as much sugar as a candy bar! only have greek yogurt! you can even have chickpeas put some spices and eat it like a salad

    for dinner: same as lunch, roast veggies in the oven, broccoli asparagus beets squash, toss some spinach in olive oil and garlic, roast chicken or make kababs, sautee some salmon or fish, make ground turkey burgers on whole grain pita bread, and brown rice, make a salad on the side with lemon juice and olive oil

    for dessert: more fruit, or if you wanna treat yourself sometimes only have skinny cow brand ice cream its portion control only 160 calories

    theres lots of healthy snacks available these days: fresh snow peas, or snap crisps, skinny cow treats or ice cream, 70% dark chocolate, dark chocolate covered almonds, any kind of nuts or trail mix, apricots, cereal- eat the healthy cereal brands like chips something to munch on, greek yogurt, snyders peanut butter pretzels (low sodium), make your own popcorn or get the butter free kind

    beverages: stay away from bottled juices or sodas, theyre like liquid candy and sugar bad for u! unnecessary calories! only have water, make your own lemonade take a huge jug put water and ice, squeeze fresh lemon or lime put honey and enjoy, have as much tea as you want, I always like tea I get the vanilla flavor, the lemon citrus, apple cinnamon, tea is a great way to drink something with flavor, make your own smoothies, or get a juicer make your own fruit juice, the ones in the store are from concentrate and are not natural and are sugared down with fructose syrup, so bad for u!,

    losing weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise, especially for women, men can pack on muscle here and there and need more exercise, but women really need to emphasize the diet more, in addition to exercise, you need both.

  • Pay no attention to the mass media. false images will give you a false impression of how your body should look. Talk to a doctor if you haven't already done so.