Is drinking a lot of orange juice bad?

I drink a lot of it. I only drink orange juice, simply orange and some water. Is it bad for your health?


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  • Its very high in sugar.

    It takes about 6 oranges to make one cup of orange juice. You wouldn't sit and eat 6 oranges, would you?

    That is the thing about juice, is that it takes a lot of a fruit to make the juice. Fruit alone has a lot of sugar, so when you consume something like juice that involves using a LOT of a fruit, you are going to be consuming a lot of sugar, most of which could get stored as fat.

    You are better off limiting it to about a cup per day, or getting your vitamin C from the oranges themselves and drinking mostly water.

    If you like fruit juices, you could always go for 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. Very tart but it is lower in sugar.

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  • i drink only vitamin water and voltage mountain dew. I think that's bad, not orange juice :)

  • Don't od on vitamin c (it won't kill you but you will be running to the bathroom a lot if you do). other than that try not to let the acid be on your teeth too much. You can do what other people suggested and/or drink through a straw.

    • have I permanently damaged my teeth?

    • theres no way I can know that...ask your dentist

  • Is it orange juice you make yourself? Or the kind you buy at the store? Because regular oranges freshly squeezed into a glass would be good for you...lot of vitamin C. Maybe 2 glasses. But I think if you have too much, you'd be taking in a lot of acid...

    • it is Simply Orange bought from the store

    • Can't you just use real oranges?

  • Could be for your teeth. The acid could wear on the enamel. Make sure you brush well. Also, be carefull if you have acid reflux or have high sugar levels.

  • only for your teeth. I doubt you drink enough to kill yourself in anyway.

    • me and my dad usually go threw a big bottle in a day or two. what does it do to teeth

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    • have I done too much damage already?

    • idk, ask your dentist.

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  • It's too much acid for yur stomach to take long term...tone it down with tea of cofee or just plain water!

  • Too much sugar is a bad thing.

  • Well in addition to what other said about the teeth, diabetes, and acid reflux, orange juice because of vitamin C, which is a co factor that can interfere with certain medications so I know that can be bad. Also its bad if all your drinking is orange juice without calcium and vit D.

  • just for your teeth.

  • it could damage your teeth but that's about it