My boyfriend is a body builder and I'm..... not.

So my new boyfriend is SUPER in shape, he takes a lot if pride in his shape. I'm not overweight but there are squishy parts and I could definitely tone up. He's brought up the idea of s working out together. I haven't worked out in years, what are some things we could do, workouts/sports that I won't look like a fool attempting to do or he won't blow me away or be bored doing with me


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  • He's going to blow you away at pretty much anything. This is what he does as a regular activity. But I'm sure he understands that you don't do it all the time like him so he's not going to be expecting you to be a beast like him. He just wants you to come with him sometimes so you can spend time together as well as becoming more healthy. I think he'll have fun being your personal trainer :)

    • Yeah I know it's gonna be pretty pitiful at the beginning, I thought maybe I could play to what strengths I already have? I'm really good at volleyball, and I can walk up hills until the cows come come home- Maybe I should just suggest out if gym but still workout type of activities? Like hiking?

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  • RAcquetball or ennis, an aerobic sport that would tone you up and maybe realx him from all the weight work he does, and fun to boot!

  • Play tennis, easy sport to get into, and the further you stand, the faster you can react. Good beginner sport.

    • I'm terrible at tennis- beyond terrible... It'll be quite the show for him

  • just because you go to the gym together doesn't mean you guys have to do EVERYTHING together once you're there. guys and girls do completely different workouts so you guys could just do your own thing and then just do cardio together after.

    • True- but maybe it's dome secret ploy to get me to see him lift all the weights? :P

  • Just learn from him that's it.

  • Do what interests you. If you want a group class then popular ones are Spinning, Zumba, or a cardio dance class. Most gyms have beginner classes. It also depends on your goals and what you want to work on. Treadmills are easy to use, but most people get bored with them.


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  • Go to the gym and take Zumba and Pilates classes!

    • I'm thinking seriously about talking him into yoga, I did a few classes way back when, but I hear men dig yoga pants...