My boyfriend is a body builder and I'm..... not.

So my new boyfriend is SUPER in shape, he takes a lot if pride in his shape. I'm not overweight but there are squishy parts and I could definitely tone up. He's brought up the idea of s working out together. I haven't worked out in years, what are some things we could do, workouts/sports that I won't look like a fool attempting to do or he won't blow me away or be bored doing with me


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  • He's going to blow you away at pretty much anything. This is what he does as a regular activity. But I'm sure he understands that you don't do it all the time like him so he's not going to be expecting you to be a beast like him. He just wants you to come with him sometimes so you can spend time together as well as becoming more healthy. I think he'll have fun being your personal trainer :)

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      Yeah I know it's gonna be pretty pitiful at the beginning, I thought maybe I could play to what strengths I already have? I'm really good at volleyball, and I can walk up hills until the cows come come home- Maybe I should just suggest out if gym but still workout type of activities? Like hiking?