Do weight machines at the gym make my arms and shoulders broader? Or do they also help to get small?

If I want to get a smaller frame, shoulder and arms

What exercises should I be doing at the gym?

Are the weight machines good for shrinking my arms, shoulders and arms? Or do they just make me bigger? I know I can get smaller because I was smaller before, I just got big all of a sudden, well not all of a sudden, but it was too late when I noticed it. lol

Which machines should I be using? Or is Cardio best for this situation?

And I got big fat wise, not disgusting either, but just not muscle type of big. I just look too big to be a girl.


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  • Weight machines don't make you fat.

    High reps low weight is a different form of cardio, pretty much, It may or may not build muscle very slowly.

    Low reps, high weight will tone your muscles the fastest, but they are unlikely to get very big unless you shoot testosterone. It is quite difficult and takes a lot of time and the right nutrition for men, who have many times your testosterone, to build muscle.

    Fat loss is mainly about nutrition.

    Studies have shown cardio + diet doesn't lose fat much more quickly for most people then diet alone, though they are more likely to keep it off.

    Weight work (heavy) + diet is associated with the fastest weight loss. It may be that lifting heavy preserves muscles while dieting which helps keep metabolism from slowing.


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  • I think weights make you gain more than lose more. I doubt you can make your shoulders less broad, because bone is bone.

    Usually guys buse the weights for an hour or two, and girls run on the treadmills and exercise at mine. Muscle burns fat but the main area you may want it is legs/butt. Other than that just jogging/cardio I guess.

  • resistance machines mainly just tighten you up and give you a toned look.

  • It depends on what you eat. If you get lots of protein you'll grow muscle. If you have a low-protein diet, you muscle won't grow bigger, they'll just get harder.


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  • They help to build muscle so you will notice your arms get a bit bigger, but if you have some fat on them and you begin to lose some weight, your arms will get smaller. They will be more condensed and be more muscle.

  • At your age no. Broad shoulders are mostly bones and some muscle. During puberty, certain activities will change your bone strucutre like lots of swimming, rowing or almost any other sport will give you broad shoulders. And some machines in the gym may have the same effect. However you're not growing anymore so you're bone structure won't change that easily. Muscles there may make them seem broader but since you're a girl you're unlikley to devlop that kind of muscle mass, so don't worry about it.

    You should use mix of cardio and strengthening exercises. In fact interval training seems to be really in style. You can do only cardio Intervall training (like 1min slow, 3 min as fast as you can; Or 2 min jumping and one min jogging) or you can mix cardio with strengthening (like 3min as fast as you can, 2 min of one or several exercises...)

  • They build up muscle, and tone your arms.

    You won't get that beefy look.