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Pumpkin pie healthy recipe?

OK, I know it's Thanksgiving and I should splurge...but I would like to know if anyone of you might have a healthier recipe for Pumpkin Pie?... Show More

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  • No.Its pumpkin, cream and sugar.Honestly, just make it properly. Accept its a lot of calories, but at least its natural. Eating some cream and sugar once in a while won't kill you. Strange chemical non-food substitutes for those things might.Make it right and enjoy it, just don't eat pie every day.

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  • Whole grain flour or Whole wheat flour, Or you can use some natural yeast. Eggs whites or egg yolks to keep them togetherand Honey to make it sweet.

  • I've cooked a lot of different pumpkin pies. But the best recipe I know for it is the one I found on http://foodjj.com website. It is very healthy and delicious. You should try it out too

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  • I make miniature pumpkin pies! link You only need egg whites, cottage cheese, stevia, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice and wonton wrappers! & They're always a huge hit!

  • I was just reading this link Hope you find something! :)

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