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What sport should I try next?

Okay so I have a black belt and I have been doing karate for 8 years I have finally quit but I need a new sport to stay in shape and stay busy I need... Show More

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  • what are your interests. I lean toward triathlon but not sure your likes. let me know if you want to discuss.

    • High energy fast sports but I can't run to much because I have bad knees

    • cycling?

What Guys Said 4

  • Whataver you like?


    -Soccer, field hockey, hockey, rugby, lacross, football, basketball.

    -Gym exercises, weightlighting.

  • I would suggest soccer since you will almost always be in motion.

  • try swimming!

What Girls Said 2

  • I've always wanted to try tennis...it looks like fun. And you're definitely always moving. I've heard it's a lot harder to keep up with than it looks. I'd try that out.

  • Since you have bad knees soccer, tennis, wrestling and basically all land sports are out of the question since they require a lot of strain on your knees. I would do swimming in stead keeps you in amazing shape without hurting your knees

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