Best way to lose 25 pounds by January?

I would like to lose that much. I would be happy at that weight. Also people have told me I would look like a model. Some of the weight I carry is in my face and a lot of people compliment my fce structure/cheekbones. I'm 142 pounds and I'm 5'4

When I was 170 you couldn't even tell that much about my cheekbones

If I lost more weight would it be more noticable?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Alright, ill tell you a secret, but you have to promise to not over do ECA stack. That is Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin stacked together once or twice a day. Ephedrine is regulated by the FDA. You have to get it in the form of Bronkaid, which is an OTC asthma medication. Its also been used as a cold medication as well. DO NOT use the herbal form called Ephedra, with herbs potency can very and you don't know how much you getting. But the synethic form like the Bronkaid. Caffeine is No Doz tablets. And use baby aspirin for the aspirin. One of each of those three per dosage. Start out once a day to be safe then go up to twice after a week or two. Then maybe 3x a day later once you ve adjusted and know how you body reacts. Don't take another dose until at least 4-5 hours from the last dose. Cycle it four weeks on, two weeks off, so it doesn't loose effectiveness. NOW, this stuff is going to really ramp up your metabolism and heart rate and suppress your appetite. It works through raising your body temperature to burn fat, suppressing your appetite so you eat less. You must double your daily water intake on it and make sure you eat a good diet. And continue that even after you stop it or you'll gain the weight back. But, if you go this route, use it conservatively please, otherwise it can kill you. It is the most effective thing hands down to loose weight, way more effective than those supplements you see at GNC and such plus a lot of those are herbal which can be extremely bad. Ritalin or Adderall also do the trick but theyre even more potent and burn muscle and fat, while the ECA selectively burns only fat. Increase your fiber and protein in your diet. Whey protein is good to take even if your not a body builder. Try to build some muscle because that will displace and burn the fat. Do some cardio but resistance training is also good for the above reason. Don't do a lot of cardio if you do the stimulant stack I mentioned above , because your heart rate and blood pressure will already be up. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, then don't even attempt this. If not, start slow and conservative. Add a multivitamin, drinking lots of water, a balanced diet, and exercise (with conservative amount of cardio while on the stack) and patience and you ll get results. Don't take it past 3 in the afternoon either or it ll keep you up at night. On the positive side, an additional benefit for many it does help with concentration and focus. On the downside, you will not feel well on it but there is no painless way of loosing weight. Even diet and exercise. I wish you luck, many will say this is extremely dangerous , but most of the people that are affected from, abused it and took too much. The risk is small if you listen to my warnings and take it conservatively. Less is more with this stuff.