Best way to lose 25 pounds by January?

I would like to lose that much. I would be happy at that weight. Also people have told me I would look like a model. Some of the weight I carry is in my face and a lot of people compliment my fce structure/cheekbones. I'm 142 pounds and I'm 5'4

When I was 170 you couldn't even tell that much about my cheekbones

If I lost more weight would it be more noticable?


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  • Alright, ill tell you a secret, but you have to promise to not over do ECA stack. That is Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin stacked together once or twice a day. Ephedrine is regulated by the FDA. You have to get it in the form of Bronkaid, which is an OTC asthma medication. Its also been used as a cold medication as well. DO NOT use the herbal form called Ephedra, with herbs potency can very and you don't know how much you getting. But the synethic form like the Bronkaid. Caffeine is No Doz tablets. And use baby aspirin for the aspirin. One of each of those three per dosage. Start out once a day to be safe then go up to twice after a week or two. Then maybe 3x a day later once you ve adjusted and know how you body reacts. Don't take another dose until at least 4-5 hours from the last dose. Cycle it four weeks on, two weeks off, so it doesn't loose effectiveness. NOW, this stuff is going to really ramp up your metabolism and heart rate and suppress your appetite. It works through raising your body temperature to burn fat, suppressing your appetite so you eat less. You must double your daily water intake on it and make sure you eat a good diet. And continue that even after you stop it or you'll gain the weight back. But, if you go this route, use it conservatively please, otherwise it can kill you. It is the most effective thing hands down to loose weight, way more effective than those supplements you see at GNC and such plus a lot of those are herbal which can be extremely bad. Ritalin or Adderall also do the trick but theyre even more potent and burn muscle and fat, while the ECA selectively burns only fat. Increase your fiber and protein in your diet. Whey protein is good to take even if your not a body builder. Try to build some muscle because that will displace and burn the fat. Do some cardio but resistance training is also good for the above reason. Don't do a lot of cardio if you do the stimulant stack I mentioned above , because your heart rate and blood pressure will already be up. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, then don't even attempt this. If not, start slow and conservative. Add a multivitamin, drinking lots of water, a balanced diet, and exercise (with conservative amount of cardio while on the stack) and patience and you ll get results. Don't take it past 3 in the afternoon either or it ll keep you up at night. On the positive side, an additional benefit for many it does help with concentration and focus. On the downside, you will not feel well on it but there is no painless way of loosing weight. Even diet and exercise. I wish you luck, many will say this is extremely dangerous , but most of the people that are affected from, abused it and took too much. The risk is small if you listen to my warnings and take it conservatively. Less is more with this stuff.


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  • You might be able to lose 20 lbs but half of t would be water and that don't make you look better

    Keep doing whatever took you from 170 to where you are unless it stops working.

  • Get up early and have breakfast, do about 10 minutes of exercise and when you put the food on your plate at dinner, leave half of it, drink lots of water after every meal, and don't eat past 7pm, keep active as much as possible, this will help you lose at least somewhere near to what you want to lose, but if you can't keep to this, you need to exercise an hour at least 3 times a week with 40 minutes cardio each time on top, good luck,x

  • Not the first to say it, but 25 pounds by January isn't realistic.

    Forgetting the time frame: if nothing else, you have to pick a calorie goal that will support the kind of weight loss you are after, and stick to it. has a good calorie goal calculator, but there are others out there as well.

    Exercise is important too for a lot of reasons, but if you don't watch your calories it won't matter how much you do.

    It's not easy to do it every day, but the important thing is when you mess up to get back on the horse ASAP. It can be done, and it sounds like you're more than capable of doing it, given your history.

    Be aware that losing that much weight will put you on the low end for your BMI. Be sensible. Good luck!

  • No sugar

    No drinks of any kind other than water, yes, no milk, no cofee, no tea (those give you too much temptation to add cream or sugar or milk), obviously that includes no sodas, no juices, even if they are natural, they usually add sugar to it and is bad

    just stick with lots of water

    Obviously no candies, no sweetneres, no dressings , not even ketchup, no milk productsm like ice cream

    no high fructose corn syrup

    no corn, no rice, no bread, no spaguetti, no macaroni, no pasta in general, no wheat, nothing made of flour basically

    no cakes, no sweet breads, no tortillas, no platanos, no bananas, no potatoes, of any kind specially not fried ones, no jicamas, no camotes, no crutons

    just meats like fish and chicken, and lots of green stuff, anything that is green you can eat as much as you want, avoid yellow and specially avoid brown

    strictly stick with olive oil, so no canola oil, no flower oils, no corn oils, etc..

  • I've struggled with weight management for a long time and you can knock weight off fast if you're willing to do a good bit of cardio, cut your calories down to below your basal metabolic rate, and make those calories almost all lean protein with a little fat and almost zero carbs. It's NOT good for you though, and the weight will come back as soon as you switch back to doing the things you did before.

    Why do you want to do it by January? It'll probably work better long term if you don't focus on pounds and focus on eating reasonable amounts of healthy foods and being as active as you can.

  • You can't lose that much weight that fast without a risk of it being all gained back quickly. Physical exercise doesn't make you burn much fat because most of the calorie intake you have is used mostly to keep your vital life functions and only a small percentage goes to physical activity. You have to just watch the calorie intake and out take you do daily. Find out how much you need to eat in a day and divide it up into more than just the normal 3 meals because the more often you eat the more constant your metabolism is going. So a web search for "calorie calculator" to find out how much you need to eat in a day then go 500 calories to 1000 under it but never go lower than your RMR or BMR rate because that's how much calories you need to stay alive and if you go lower than it then your body goes in starvation mode and stores fat.

    • THIS! It's pretty much what I was typing out but then I saw it has already been said. Listen to this.

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  • You need to do cardio but slowly, keeping your heart rate at about 135 Beats Per Minute (BPM). You need to do it for about 2 hours every day, start with 15 minutes then work yourself up. After this do some stomach exercise. Best of luck and God Bless.


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  • Don't eat. Seriously how many weeks is it till January? a little more than 3? to lose one lb you would need to have a calories deficiet of roughly 3500 cal. Assuming you don't eat and workout so you burn roughly 2000 cal a day you could lose 1,24 lbs in two days. With roughly 21 days till January that's a little more than 13 lbs. In theory. In reality your metabolism will slow down and make weight loss much harder.

  • Don't do it the unhealthy way. Realistically, whatever you lose by means of doing unhealthy things, you're going to gain back. Crash diets, fad diets, etc are unmaintainable for long periods of time.

    Why not just continue to do things the healthy way? You'll get to where you want to be a bit slower, but at least you have a lesser chance of ruining your body and gaining back the weight.

  • I would try a 7 day detox diet link and then start a whole food plant based diet.

  • Eat several (5-6) small meals a day...your body will burn calories faster and build your metabolism in a short period of time.

    (eat about every 2 hours)

    The first 8-10 pounds you shed is water.

    Meal suggestions:

    1st: piece of fruit

    2nd: string cheese, summer sausage, cottage cheese/yogurt

    3rd: bowl of cereal

    4th: soup/sandwich

    5th: a good dinner-meat, potatoes/pasta/rice, veggie...your body needs carbs, protein and vitamins to stay healthy

    6th: salad/raw veggies

    Drink plenty of water

    Drink milk or juice/water with every meal (no soda pop)

    Stay away from munchies, fried & fatty foods.

    Do daily simple exercise like walking/hiking...swimming and biking are low impact, playing games like basketball, baseball, volleyball

  • try a raw food diet...

  • 25 lbs by January? That's a little unrealistic. 2 lbs/wk weight loss is ideal, so you should give yourself 12 weeks, or 3 months, to lose 25 pounds and expect to be able to keep it off. You could prob lose up to 10 lb by then, which is still good.

  • Yes especially if you carry weight in your face. Good luck

    • Thanks! It's funny because when I was 135 I even noticed that difference. I hate weight problems