Will I lose my hips, hip to waist ratio?

Ok so I'm on a plan to lose about 30 pounds and I'm actually pretty curvy , my waist is 14 inches smaller than my hips I have a 0.68 hip to waist ratio , will my waist stay 14 inches smaller as I lose the weight , or will the difference of hip to waist change.

I hear that hip size is mostly determined by bone structure which means you can't lose it , is that true ? because I wold like to have a smaller body overall but keep my waist a lot smaller than my hips


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  • While you *will* lose weight all over your body, you will likely lose more from your hips and thighs (and possibly breasts) than from your stomach/waist, because your hips/thighs are wear women generally carry their "storage weight". Men normally carry theirs on their stomach/torso.

    Remember that humans are designed to gain weight during the warmer months, when food is plentiful, and build up fat, which is used during the colder months when food was traditionally more scarce. Yes, obviously, in 1st World countries, this problem has mostly gone away over the last 80 years or so, but it's still very much an issue in many parts of the world, and prior to 1900, it was how humans had always lived.

    So, yes, your hip:waist ratio will go down somewhat. It shouldn't be a problem though; you have a significant difference now, and will still have a significant difference then, even if the ratio isn't maintained completely. That's just how your body is built.


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  • Your ratio will stay the same; you'll lose weight all over your body, so the ratio will stay the same...as long as you don't starve yourself to lose weight.

    Stop worrying. :)

  • It depends on how your individual body carries your current weight and whether you lose fat or muscle weight. It also depends on how you lose your weight, and how much muscle you put on to do it and where. I'd say don't obsess about the ratios or measurements. Just be as healthy as you can reasonably be.

  • You waist to hip ratio if your losing body fat should stay roughly the same if you are exercising and depending on the workout you're doing.

  • Your hips are made of bone not fat so no you won't lose your ratio.

  • If you lose weight your waist line will probably shrink a bit. Not your hips.

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  • I have lost 40 pounds and you will definitely lose inches off your hops. Usually before you lose anything off your waist. It also depends on how overweight your are. By your measurements it sounds like you are an extreme pear, so you can expect to easily lose 5+ inches off your hips and very few or even none off your waist

    • Please don't listen to these guys saying you will keep your same ratio. They are not women and have not experienced this! Especially the one that said you will lose weight evenly over your whole body NOT TRUE, that is why there is different body types. Women tend to lose hip fat first and belly fat last. Additonally, your hips are bone but its the fat over top that creates the larger measurement, and this will shrink as you lose weight

  • you will look better so do the plan the curves will change for sure