Good workouts at the gym?

I'm really excited because I am getting a gym membership but I have no clue how to work out at a gym. I'm a high school girl and I play soccer but it's not soccer season so I need to stay in shape and I'd like to work my legs a lot, and also tone my stomach. The gym has everything and a pool so any workout ideas? thanks!


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  • Swimming is great for full body tone and cardio. As for weight training here are a few basics I always recommend for when because they hit the legs and butt nicely, which is a great area too work of for women.

    Do these exercises in order.

    Squats. These are dumbbell squats - link Shoot for 3 set's of 15 to 20 with weight that you can do comfortably. You don't need the small boxes she standing on you can do them on the flat ground. Form is important!

    Lunges - link Also with dumbbells 3 sets of 15 should be good. Take about a minute between these sets.

    For abbs link these work great for me! Shoot for 6 minutes straight. Not that long only about two songs on the Ipod.

    link Dragon flags ! These are great too. Shoot for 3 sets of 15 to 20.

    You will Also want too keep up with running because you play soccer. Always do your weight training before cardio. It's sort of a rule with me. You get less lifting power afterward so better to do weights first then do your cardio.

    I like to do these sprinting exercises for power and this will help you get explosive in soccer. Put the Tredmill on an incline of 3.5 and sprint (fastest speed you can manage) For .25 of a mile. Then lower the speed too a slow pace jog 30 seconds then sprint again for .25 miles slow jog for 30 seconds then one last sprint for .25 miles.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks so much! I've done some of these at weight training during the season thanks for reminding me and great ideas!