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How to get rid of stubborn belly fat?

Okay, I am incredibly frustrated at the moment. I have recently undergone a huge weight loss program and am now in the most active shape of my life.... Show More

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  • It depends on genes. Some people store fat in their belly and/or in their thighs, arms... you name it. Some store it everywhere and some can eat whatever and will be slim anyway, not fair ;)

    When you excercise an area, it strengtens your muscles in that particular area, but will do NOTHING about the fat. For example you can have great muscles in your abs but if belly is your problem area the muscles won't even be revealed because of fat.

    When your excercise (e.g. on eliptical machine, jogging etc), the fat in your body goes away progressively, and your "problem" areas will lose it in the end or, in the worse case, never.

    I have the same problem as you do, can't do much about it as long as I don't starve myself to death or go for liposuction. Just for the record, I am 5"6', 114 lbs, 18% body fat, and still have the belly! My grandma, who is super slim, like 100 lbs her whole life, has it too...

    I can't speak for everybody out there of course, but I read stuff, did my research and can speak from my experience... it sucks. I am actually contemplating a liposuction right now.

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  • my idea is to sweat it off, do hot yoga, stretching and doing ab exercises in the heat and steam of a bathroom or a gym class. I'm not good with losing weight, I know most only about gaining (which is harder)

  • Maybe it's water retention. How often do you drink water?

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  • Sit ups, planks, crunches all work with that area. I have the same problem but for me, it just runs in the family to have a small pudge. Do you think it could be too much sodium intake? Some proteins have a lot of sodium depending on what it is.

  • Can you describe what you eat on an average day?

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