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Do you guys think he likes me?

Dose this guy like me? I go to the gym everyday and he works the front desk but he is always around I never really noticed him checking me out or... Show More

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  • he likes you and he's not going to ogle you while you work out. people don't like to sh*t where they eat and he's not going to make anything awkward around his workplace with a customer.

    you should go up to him and strike a conversation, make it about the gym, make it dumb questions like what time the gym opens, stuff you can find easily written on the front door itself so he gets the clue you're trying to break the ice, if this guy has any common sense he will evolve the conversation and get to know you.

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  • Yes, he does like you.

    Constant checking you out, and trying to be close to you are good indicators that he's attracted to you.

  • First of all, you really need to stop skipping English class. Punctuation and paragraphs are something you need to learn how to use. OK now that my eyesight is back after going crosseyed reading a wall of text.

    Personally I think its too hard to tell. I think a lot of girls read to much into a guy checking them out. I got knews for you, I'm checking out just about every girl who isn't repulsive that I come across in public. I'm a guy, its like being a dog and having bones walking all over the place. Just because I'm checking you out doesn't necessarily mean I'm interested. It simply means I find you at least a bit attractive and feel like treating myself to some eye candy for a couple seconds.

    I also think that him moving to machines near you was just coincidence mostly. Only pathetic guys seriously walk around the gym trailing girls they like and pumping iron in front of them thinking it will score them a date. At the very least, he simply might have been looking for an internal ego boost. I think just about every guy is guilty of making sure any hot girl in the same room as them sees them lifting weights. Again, not a sign of interest, just a sign of a guy acting like guys do in the vicinity of women.

    Most likely he at least finds you attractive which is half the battle right there. Your odds are probably 50/50 at least. However, it doesn't sound like this guy is about to make his own move so if you want to go on a date your going to have to take more initiate than just smiling in the doorway.

    P.S. "Also he just had a birthday so when he opene the door for my mom and I again I smiled at him and told him happy birthday he just grinned at me for a few seconds (I think we had a moment )" -- Just want to say this made me laugh. Really allowed me to peer into this fantasy lala land you girls live in sometimes.

  • Possibly. You could just ask him out.

  • Haha one giant paragraph. I think there's definitely the possibility he likes you but he's either shy or has no clue on how to make a move other than constant eye contact lol. The superbowl was almost three weeks ago, so you can keep playing eye games with this guy and wait for him to move things forward or you can make a move. Talk to him and ask him when he's going to take you out. It's a win win if you do, you'll find out if he likes you and go from there, at worst he's not interested but you won't have to sit and keep wondering and going crazy.

  • 1. Super bowel game? You mean like bowels?

    2. latter? You mean not the former?

    3. Sounds like a bunch of dead beats.

    4. You're excused for the spelling - thank you.

    5. That gym experience sounds neurotic as heck.

    6. No help - sorry.

    7. You're on your own.

  • You must be so vibrant, so full of life. cmon some effort I hope he will love you.

  • When he saw you b4 the party he was like "oh this girl" when he saw you at the party his friends were like "she's hot dude, who is that girl" and he was probably like "oh sht, no way that's the girl from the gym" so he started showing interest in you now that his friends were and he doesn't want any of his friends to get you b4 he does because that would suck if you've seen a girl for like a month or so (I don't know how long you've been going to the gym) and your friend that's seen her twice gets with her before you do. So...he wants the pu*sy and you want the d

  • It just may be that he is trying to see if you're the girl that he see at the gym. I always do that when I see people that I might see before.

  • Holy freaking god! If your period key is broken, you should buy a new keyboard!

  • This guy reminds me of me allot. I do the exact same thing: shy guy.

    He's really thinking about asking you out an wants to but he can't muster the nerves.

    If you're interested 2 things to do

    1. Approach him, slightly bold, & ask him if he's interested. & tell him you're interested too.

    But this is also the moment, if you like, to tell him you will set up first date BUT he has to pursue you afterward. Make sure this is clear & simple.

    2. Start talking with him a bit & make your interest obvious. Attention & interest with a smile.

  • He's into you! It's up to you what you want to do? Do you like him? Butt be careful you may just be "another girl" he's into at the gym.

  • Yes he does

  • Yea, we usually go into awkward stalker mode when we're interested

  • maybe

  • he likes you and probably other girls in gym too

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