Do you guys think he likes me?

Dose this guy like me? I go to the gym everyday and he works the front desk but he is always around I never really noticed him checking me out or anything until I saw him at a friends super bowel party and he kept looking my way my cousin claimed he was looking at her though than I few days... Show More

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  • he likes you and he's not going to ogle you while you work out. people don't like to sh*t where they eat and he's not going to make anything awkward around his workplace with a customer.

    you should go up to him and strike a conversation, make it about the gym, make it dumb questions like what time the gym opens, stuff you can find easily written on the front door itself so he gets the clue you're trying to break the ice, if this guy has any common sense he will evolve the conversation and get to know you.