Do you guys think he likes me?

Dose this guy like me?

I go to the gym everyday and he works the front desk but he is always around I never really noticed him checking me out or anything until I saw him at a friends super bowel party and he kept looking my way my cousin claimed he was looking at her though than I few days latter he was working the desk and when I got there he opened the door for me and my mom I just thought he opene the door for my mom ha ha case he never did why before than I was working out on the weights and a bunch of his guy friends kept looking my way so much that I left te weight cause they were freakjng me out when they cleared out I went back to the weights and did my thing but I noticed that one of his friends stayed and he left the area and came back with him they started Doing weights right in front of me so I switched machines and left and so did he I went back to the weight machine and his buddy left and came back with him! I was just like OK I'm thinking to much and went to my swim class well he dose 20 min checks and every time he waked in he looked my way I ignored it than went to the hot tub halfway through class ad when he walked in and didn't see me he looked around and when he saw me in the hot tub he looked away real fast. Also he just had a birthday so when he opene the door for my mom and I again I smiled at him and told him happy birthday he just grinned at me for a few seconds (I think we had a moment ) he had a sparkle in his eye like he was shocked I told him happy birthday than he mumbled a thank you and I walked off sorry for the long story but yea do you think he likes me? Also sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammar I'm on my phone(:


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  • he likes you and he's not going to ogle you while you work out. people don't like to sh*t where they eat and he's not going to make anything awkward around his workplace with a customer.

    you should go up to him and strike a conversation, make it about the gym, make it dumb questions like what time the gym opens, stuff you can find easily written on the front door itself so he gets the clue you're trying to break the ice, if this guy has any common sense he will evolve the conversation and get to know you.