How to stop losing weight when you have reached your 'goal' ?

I've been losing weight for over half a year now just by exercising and eating healthy :) but now I weigh 52kg (114lbs) and I'm 1m72 (5'8) tall with is technically underweight (BMI 17,5) so I know I should stop losing weigh. But I have trouble allowing myself to eat more or eating 'junk' and I don't want to give up exercising because I'm training for my first marathon. Does someone has some advice for me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, eat more. If you're running long distance you'll never get fat. Believe me, I've been into long distance running a long time now and when I go up 5-10lbs (which is hardly a visual difference other than my abs) I just run more and it's gone within 1-2 weeks.

    I eat everything I come across and then just use exercise to balance the difference. You'll rarely gain even 0.5lbs in fat a day (you'd have to eat 4000+ calories to do that), so by that note you'll never gain more than 3lbs in a week even while indulging to your fullest. So eat more, and don't worry about it. Maintaining weight is easy.