Very fast heart rate and out of breath lifting weights

hey guys and gals, for the past 5 months I have started to train and try and get bigger, it has been working. I have put on a solid 20lbs so far. I have a long way to go whenever I lift weigthts, I get so out of breathe it's like I ran a marathon, and my heart will race so fast. my arms, forearms... Show More

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  • When you work out , the blood flow to your body organs increases as well as heart rate and force of contraction also increases to compensate blood flow need of organs..and that's why veins dilate to drain more blood to the heart..also when you work out ,it releases some hormones known as "catacholamines" which also has effects on heart rate,respiratory rate and blood vessels..

    and you know it's actually good, many girls like veiny arms..

    too bad I don't have that much prominent veins on my biceps :(

    hope that helps ^_^

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    I'm a final year Medical student :)

    • good info bro