What makes your face break out?

Will it brake out if I just ate a king size reese's ( 4 ) but drank half a bottle of dasani water after it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Eating junk food or greasy foods have NOTHING to do with acne. Don't let anyone tell you differently. What mainly causes acne are your pores being opened/enlarged which lets bacteria get in to them and grow. The red bumps are an irritation of this.

    BTW, drinking water and getting lots of Vitamin D will help you break out less. When you wash your face, rinse it with warm water, use your facial wash, rinse again with warm, pat your face dry (don't wipe or rub) then..what most people don't do or know...rinse your face off with cold water, then pat dry again. This is why. Warm water opens up your pores and the facial wash to get in to the pores and clean them out. You rinse the wash off with warm water so you don't close the pores up and trap the cleaner in there. Then after drying your face off, you use cold water because that closes your pores back up.

    Open/big pores = bad

    Smaller/more closed up pores = good

    To further it more, wash your face and hair at night before you go to bed and use a clean pillow case every 3 days. The oil from your face and hair will rub off on the pillow case and you run your face over that all night. Hope this helps.