How to deal with a married man?

I've been going to a new gym for about 6 weeks now. Right off, I was making eye contact with this attractive older guy. We made lots of eye contact via the mirrors at the front, and he switched his routine so he always "happened" to be at the stationary bike next to mine. Then I noticed he was wearing a wedding band so I completely stopped checking him out as I felt it was inappropriate to encourage him. But he only escalated! I even switched my gym time and then he did too, so I went back to my original time and so did he. 3 times now he Has left before me and when I go to get in my car 15 minutes later I see him drive right past me in his car (he doesn't use the change rooms so I know he spent 15 minutes sitting in his car.) just yesterday I came in and he had been sitting in the common area and went up to the gym directly behind me. He has changed his routine drestcally since I started going and it's pissing me off. He is always stretching directly behind me or trying to be next to me. I have stopped using the exercise bike so I don't have to be near him. He's cute but married otherwise I wouldn't care. What can I do to discourage his behavior without straight up telling him to f*** off? I have no problem with guys checking me out but I feel this is a little more than that and I'm uncomfortable with a married man acting this way.

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  • Well first, good for you for not intentionally encouraging him since he is married. Many girls wouldn't care but I think it's wrong. It sounds like he's somewhat stalking you and that's just creepy. If it makes you that uncomfortable I think you should tell him to stop OR you could just find another gym if you don't want to confront him about it.

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  • Plain & simple.Tell him your bordering on being a creepy pervert. Ask him to please stop. Tell him to go home to his wife.I know a guy that I call "perv" it's embarrassing to be around him when he starts that crap at the gym.

  • in my opinion you must go to other gym. I think you can't make different thing.

  • just don't give him any encouragement

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  • I don't think you should have to leave gyms because of him.he's bothering you, if anyone goes it should be him.Directly confront him.embarrass him by putting him on the spot. Don't be afraid to tap into your inner mean girl. say something smart ass like "can I help you?" To let him know he's being a weirdo and call him out.

  • One option is to change gyms... or you can go to the gym with people like a boyfriend or just guy friends (like he'll know) so it looks like you aren't available either. You could also just continue to ignore him and hope he gets the hint. I mean don't even acknowledge his existence with the slightest glance. Look at your phone or ipod when he's around or at other people.

  • god. what's up with all the questions with sh*t going down at the gym?!?! do you know this guy: link ?

  • Don't smile, don't say hi, don't acknowledge his presence ...he should be getting the hint. But honestly what he is doing is bordering on stalking. I wouldn't change gyms, but maybe get a ring of your own and talk loudly about your fiancĂ©. Also you could report him to the gym. (Last resort I think )

  • i would change gyms.

  • just change gyms or tell him it is never going to happen

  • Call him a creepy pervert. That's always gets guys to leave a girl alone