Why are some kids so bad?

Today I was at work and the mom left her kids with me in the waiting room. In 12 minutes they literally made a huge mess in the restroom, ran everywhere, knocked down the shelves, changed all the thermostates called me a poo face lol, were screaming and just so bad. Where I work it is an area for people to relax and they were just so bad I am sure the clients had a hard time relaxing. How could a kid be so bad? and should a parent leave their kid at home and not bring their kid to a supposed to be relaxed setting and have a stranger watch her kids who are so misbehaved? I never really grew around kids. I am curious, do you think this is the parenting style or just the kids temperment?


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  • It's mostly upbringing. If parents ignore or don't punish their kids when they're misbehaving, they will think that behavior is acceptable or they will do it to get the attention their parents don't give them. It's disgusting to me. I'm not talking about spanking either, just taking away the things they like and holding them down. If they don't give a f*** about their kids, then they should just leave them at home. I'm fine with parents taking their kids everywhere, if they behave. But parents who take their kids everywhere and then let them loose? F***no!


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  • Upbringing. I assume the parent was not horrified or even surprised by the damage their monsters created?

    • No she ignored it

    • Which means they act that way all the time with their mother's blessing. I have a problem with shameless people. Without that, there is no limit to how far down they can go.

  • Poor parenting, a lot of people don't know how to discipline their children and often let their kids do what they want. My parents where strict when I was a kid, but now that I'm older they give me more freedom than most parents. The thing is that they know they can do it because I'm not going to abuse that privilege.

  • No idea... I was a real bastard when I was a kid and my dad would beat my ass all the time. I was too stubborn to change until I wanted to on my own. I think some kids are just really stubborn. I wish I had an answer for this. In my case it was my temperament because my parents were super strict. I just didn't care to follow anybody's rules but my own.

  • It's all from shit parenting.

    From watching my friends have kids or just kids in general. It's lack of attention from their parents or being taught what's right and wrong or the proper level of discipline to respect ratio.

  • Some parents don't establish good morals into their children by allowing them to get away with doing wrong. A kids temperment is only a fraction of the problem usually.

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  • i think it's mostly the environment they are raised in and what they are exposed. I was always well-behaved and quiet when in the presence of others but very chatty with my parents. I would throw tantrums but not in public.

  • It's not the kids - it's the parents. I imagine that mom didn't bat an eye at this. Kids crave rules and discipline. However, in today's world, parents (especially younger parents - millennials who are close to my age) are afraid to say no to their kids. They're afraid of their kids lashing out when they don't get that cool new toy or clothes, so they buy the kids whatever they want. Beware, the future is going to be full of spoiled brats like those kids.

  • Because they never been spanked before.

  • Because that's what their friends are like and they wanna try and fit in. It could be that the parents aren't raisin them right.

  • Kids sometimes are deprived of needed attention or need more sensory stimulation that they aren't getting elsewhere

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