What do skinny ladies, girl, women look for in a Man?

Sometimes I feel like girls try to reflect what they want in a man in themselves. For example, woman wear extremely nice shoes all the time, things they think look cute. Does it impress guys? Not really unless they have a foot fetish or something. :-) But it seems that girls will look at a guys shoes pretty quickly as a sign of some kind of importance.

Girls groom themselves all the time. Especially if they are going outside at any time! Also, girls who do that, seem like they also want a guy to be VERY WELL GROOMED.

What I am saying is, girls reflect within themselves what they want their guy to do.

I had an ex once that actually would tell me what types of things she wanted for her birthday, or to go out and do or as gifts. What ended up happening is she would GIVE ME GIFTS of those things, and take me out for my birthday the places she wanted to go.

So, with skinny ladies. Many skinny ladies work out very much! Is this a sign that the guy they want is someone who REALLY takes care of their body? It seems like really thin girls will either find themselves with a VERY muscular guy or a very thin guy. Maybe girls that are skinny are repulsed by fat, so they can't see fat on their man as well as on their self?

So, a very skinny girl, has to take a lot of time to plan meals, work out and make sure not to snack too much. It takes a large amount of effort focus and control. Are these things they would also find NEEDED in their man of choice?

So, basically, my question is...are there things a skinny girl will look for in a guy? Are there things they NEED in a guy.

If anyone talks about love or personality...that will just make me angry! I realize personality is what gets people together! I want to know, what types of things a skinny girl looks for in a guy so that I can "get my foot in the door" and share my personality with her.

I like skinny girls, and I would like skinny girls to like me! Where do I start! What do I do?

thanks everyone!

Please, take my question seriously, because I am VERY serious about it!Wht

Also, if you could ladies, please tell the name of a model or an actor that you think has a body or look that you find attractive! This will really help!

Also, if you could tell us how thin you are and how you stay that way, it would help to!
To be more to the point, would there be anything that a Skinny girl would be more likely to look for in a guy than any other girl?

Also, as a side question, do these really skinny and pretty girls end up with a guy that makes them happy forever?
Please try not to consider me shallow. I am not trying to find skinny girls for popularity or status or anything. I really only find skinny or petite girls attractive. I am not shallow and trying to get the best. Just the only thing I like.
I seriously believe that skinny woman have MANY MORE guys going after them. Come on, you KNOW it is true! "Thin is in"So, unless there is a golden rule for any specific type of person, it sounds like the answer is girls choose their guy randomly.
ALSO GUYS WITH SKINNY GIRLFRIENDS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN! Maybe just describe yourself and any extra battles or special things you did to get that girl.



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    The number one reason romantic relationships fail is not lack of love, but lack of friendship. If a relationship starts with friendship, then love develops on top of that, with a little lust throughout, then it's MUCH more likely to work out. So by looking for girls who will initially consider you for a romantic relationship, rather that ones just happy to simply befriend you, you are going the wrong way. Sure, they need to find you attractive, but that's not so important. If I met a guy, of average attractiveness (not ugly yet not hot either) and got to know him, and liked his personality (I know you said not to mention that :P) I would probably fall for his personality, then stop caring that he looked average as opposed to hot. So yea. Meet girls in social stuations (clubs, social events, etc) rather than clubs and pubs where there are likely to be more players/one-night-stand-seekers, and substantially less peeple looking for committed relationships. Get to know them as friends first, then they'll fall for your personality that way. You sound like a nice guy who deserves a good relationship, so I hope things go well for you :)

    • Lol, good to hear :)

    • My mom and dad first met at a bar and kept meeting up at the same bar for a month before they even started dating, still married 26 years later lol. All my friends and family members feel the same way too.

    • I can't believe more people don't realize this. Love is about friendship and emotional closeness, and not solely physical attraction to the other person. Even my own mother (being a single mother) seems to expect a relationship to work without any prior friendship. It just doesn't work that way. Unless by some freak chance the two people are perfectly compatable, but such coincidences hardly ever occur, if ever. I'm glad that you two agree though :)

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  • Ok well if you like skinny girls then you need to understand that girls just look for a guy that has the same life style and same interests. That’s how you get your foot in the doer. I like tall thin guy’s and sum larger guys it really does not bother me if they are ether. But I do groom a lot and it’s because I want to not for a guy and if the guy does groom I want him to keep it up not just stop and if he doesn’t like to then that’s fine but he does need to be clean.

    • good for you

      good luck

      glad to help

    • thank you for the answer. First straight forward answer in a LOONG TIME. That is what I was kind of wondering, is there a standard set, or a similarity.

      Well, I am a medium sized guy who is very toned and in shape. I am continually trying to gain lean muscle mass. I do work out and do cardio. I groom very well and am tall.

      I actually recently met a gorgeous gymnast. I will see how it goes!

  • someone who likes me fat or skinny, even if I'm skinny. I look for someone who's not shallow and just into looks but actually has a brain or something inside...

    • I have a very well functioning brain and because guys are visual creatures it makes sense for us to look for someone we desire. And I happen to prefer very much skinnier girls. I promise I would not like a girl only because she is skinny, but just use skinny as a pre-determining factor as to whether I will start to get to know them or not.

      Girls do this all the time, and guys do this all the time. I am just willing to admit that my factor important to me is skinny.

  • They want someone tho doesn't look specifically for ''skinny ladies''?

    • terrible answer.


  • I personally am very thin. I want a muscular guy to protect me because I'm so tiny I feel vulnerable!

    however my friend is very skinny and she loves bigger guys

    • So you are saying that you like muscular bigger guys and your friend likes "fat" bigger guys?

      Well, I think most girls, if they could, would have a bigger guy in some respect. So basically, you are saying very thin girl needs a sexy muscular guy.

  • depends on the girl, we are not all the same

  • I don't even notice shoes on guys. Thanks for pointing that out lol.

    But seriously, a girl judges over shoes? LOL. How shallow :l

    However, I guess we are all shallow in different ways as I probs wouldn't want to go out with a guy who can't look after himself.

    Like, take a shower and wear deodrant. I mean, who wants a guy with greasy hair and you sit next to him and think 'omg what the hell is that smell' -barfs.? You got to look after yourself, its not that hard. Personal hygiene is a must.

    Personally, I love a guy who

    - Makes me laugh ;)

    - Feels secure in himself *not to be mistaken with arrogance. (Being insecure or full of yourself is a huge turn off :l)

    - Can hold a good coversation. We love to talk.

    You need the charm ;)

    being charming gets most girls

    But of course, I also wouldn't want a guy to be fake. We'll figure out who you are in the end :l

    • Your description of what a bad guy is..greasy hair and smells bad...that actually applies to very little guys. Your vague descriptions means you do not worry about how attractive the guy is. And that is nonsense!

      The problem is, many girls say they want a guy with charm and wit...etc...but when it comes down to it, I really only see skinny girls with muscular guys, wealthy guys or dousche bags.

      Also, it is very common for them to be in jail..just saying

      you sound special compared to others

  • I'm sure ANY woman would look for respect in a man.. Also someone who could keep her safe.

  • well, I am naturally skinny. so I don't really need to obsess with my weight and what I eat.lol. well, I prefere a more fit guy, but I have like guys plently of times that were "well built" but there is a limit on fat! if they look like a lump rather than a tall hansome guy with a belly, then they have no possibility because then its repulsive to even think about kissing them or anything. the weight has to distributed throughout the body evenly in otherwards.lol. and hopefully the guy is either really sweet or theyre funny and witty. I find most guys attractive, but if they have courage to come talk to me is a definent. um, and they don't have to be super over groomed or nothing, the natural look is good. and maybe that's why I haven't had a boyfriend in years, since I'm a city girl living in a small town.lol.

    • well, my 'decent' is not what you think. Looking back on guys I've lie in the past, they were far from the most attractive guys.lol.

    • So then the guy has have a decent to great body and be really sweet or funny. So not super over groomed means the "trying not to look groomed" look.

      I am sorry, but from my point of view, it sounds like you are only interested in the most attractive of guys.

  • I am skinny and tall I stay in shape and yeah I would like a guy who could get down and dirty with me I like to hike and go on wild adventures but I don't care if they arnt that atractive but what I look for in a man is someone who is a strong person and can help me when I'm sad or upset someone who is nice and caring that doesn't care that I'm a little bipolar and I'm always changing I want a guy would be with me for my heart and personality not my looks because I won't date someone for those piggish reasons

    • The question is, if the guy comes for you for your looks, will you give him a chance. This is the main problem!

      You might only first consider the attractive guy, and THEN look for those cute personality qualities...

      am I wrong?

  • Yes, I am fit and slim and I am attracted to guys who are fit too. I like how I look by staying in shape and I am physically attracted to fit guys too.

  • i find Usher's body attractive.

    or the grungy look of Kurt Cobain really hot

  • i look for an honest caring loving faithful not so judging guy cute smile great hygiene cares about him self someone who don't have bad breath someone who has some what of a nice body and someone who is respectful and not a jerk...

    • well no I'm pretty sure that's what every girl wants in a guy but most skinny girls wants someone who is fit.and someone who ego isn't the size of a football field.

    • it sounds like you just described around 30% of the male population. I love it when girls explain their desires and make it seem so easy and attainable. Scrolling over your screen name it says you have a Marine boyfriend. That in itself proves that you have a very high level of quality you would expect in a man.

      But anywho, would you be able to name anything that a skinny girl might desire or look for specifically that larger women would not?

  • On the contrary, I prefer men who are big & strong because I feel safe with them. I don't mind if they have a few extra pounds either, I find the extra meat hot. I don't want a guy to be skinny & short like me, then we'd both be weaklings.

    • I am not skinny. I am medium large. I wear the large size shirts and medium size pants. SO I am far from scrawny or weak. But overall, I imagine you probably would want a big guy either way.

  • why they gotta be skinny, can't have a little meat huh ?

    • i mean. It matters how much your idea of a little is.


    • so I wouldn't be good enough huh .

    • Skinny is what I like and truly desire. Everyone has what they want right?


  • I'm skinny and I'm at attracted to big guys. I don't mind whether the guy is muscular or chubby but I am almost never attracted to guys who are thin. I hate guys who are overly muscular (cheese grater abs make me sick). I'd rather go out with Seth Rogen (before the weight loss) than Robert Pattinson or The Situation.

    *I get that you're attracted to skinny girls but try to remember that any sized girl can be attractive. Don't overlook a great girl just because she isn't a size zero.

    • I am attracted to skinny girls, and not attracted to big girls. Once a girl gets to like size 6 I find them not attractive anymore. I like great girls! Maybe those great girls can be my friends...and not my lover. sorry.

  • skinny girl's? ermm girl's yeah there all the same no matter what size they are?

    • If I got a sex change I would lez out like crazy.

    • nahh that's OK I just can't be arssed arguing your very stubborn, if you think you know more bout girls than a girl go get a sex change this is pointless that's why I said ok

    • I will take that "ok" as you believe I have lost my way so far and do not even care to comment back about it.


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  • This is the shallowest sack of sh*t I've ever heard. Girls who are skinny don't think any differently than girls with a little more to love, unless they're snobby bitches.

    • Snobby bitches aren't worth anyone's time.

    • then do you happen to know what snobby bitches like?

  • Well I don't know if I am a "skinny" girl... not fat but not model status (5'7 and 122 lbs) so you can read my post with that in mind.

    Recent famous people crushes: Ryan Reynolds and Alexander Skarsgard.

    My actress idol is Megan fox... she has my dream body

    To me being lean is what I look for most in guys. I want a guy that can wrap their arms around me and pick me up. I also find that when I'm with a guy who takes care of himself I am more likely to do the same. They motivate me to eat right and hit the gym which makes me feel better about my self and it improves my disposition in general.

    Honestly, I try to keep my weight down so I can attract a guy... its shallow and stupid but its true. Health is nice and all but I'm in my 20's and I feel more confident and energetic at lower weights and I see the girls that guys stare at... they are not the fat ones. Because I am so critical about my own looks I am naturally critical with other peoples... its not something I talk to others about and it doesn't effect my friendships but it happens

    Hope this helps

  • k first we look for someone who cares for us, secondly we like to be fussed over at least I do. thirdly you have to say "i understand" even though you don't understand our problems k .Finally let her know you love her. k

    • sooo...you are a female...check

  • lol. Some of what you say is true, some women think that way. You know 'Actions speak louder than words.' But I know you know that it doesn't apply to everyone. I'm pretty skinny, and not because I work out a lot lol. And actually my first attraction are bigger guys. Not overweight guys, but big line backer guys. But yeah, tall girls enjoys a guy who just keeps up with himself.

    • oh yeah! I forgot. About the whole dress and shoes thing. That just depends on the girl. The last guy I was with was primarily mexican. And his style was all over the place. He'd wear baggy pants and big T-shirts. And sometimes he wore polos and straight jeans. And when it was a special occasion, he could seriously suit up! So as far as me, the clothes things don't really matter. lol

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  • good d***

  • I suppose this may be a little off topic, But you are who you are. I lift weights and I learned that there are 3 body types ectomorph (skinny), Mesomorph (buff), and endomorph (chubby). You are born with these gene types and it is incredibly hard to change the constuction of your body and takes years upon years of unbelievably hard work. So I know this may not relate that much but still, its good to know the facts.

  • there are always exceptions but for the most part Girls (all girls) respond wildly to emotional connection, confidence and how a man carries himself chief ... women aren't like us,they don't go wow look at his physical attributes wow! that's what I totally want .. but most of us guys think they are that's why we get mad when we see tons of guys crowding around a girl we think wow she's got it made, how is she complaining she can't find a guy! she's nuts!.. but for her its equally as hard to find what she's looking for.. that's the cosmic joke my friend

    • It is equally hard when a person is looking for something that is not real.

    • Very true.

  • As I read a few of the comments, and I'm not going to go through it all. Not only do woman look at a mans shoes. But a man looks at a womans shoes as well.

    A woman looks at a man shoes, and his belt. If they don't match, you struck out before you even thought of approaching her.

    A man looks at a womans shoes because how they treat their shoes is a sign of their cleanliness. Which to some, like myself, is a make or break type of deal.

    What many, amongst many people fail to see is, that it's not a particular body type that seem to matter to some. It's attraction. Whether it may be physical, personality, character, etc. If you're low in self-esteem, and you have no attraction value. You won't even get talked to by the chick with the uni-brow.

    • girls totally put super emphasis on shoes. I have heard this from MANY WOMAN. But nobody on here wants to admit this.. OR skinny girls don't put emphasis on shoes. One or the other.

  • they look for low in calorie parts?

  • Well a lot of skinny girls don’t work out and are not fitness freaks, instead they just don’t eat much. Girls have it a thousand times easier than guys, because the female ideal of attractiveness is thin, all that takes is just not eating much, no hard exercise is necessary. Then all these girls need to do is throw on the makeup and fake tan, and then they act all arrogantly like they’re God’s gift to men.

    It’s easy for men to get thin too – again you just don’t eat much, but the thin look is in no way acceptable to most women nowadays. Thin/skinny has joined fat in being a look that is now repulsive to women. Women are so used to staring at steroid induced muscular bodies of actors and models in magazines, and now they won’t accept anything less in men. Thin won’t cut it for most women now, nor will fat, instead you have to be muscular and buff before they find you attractive. However for an average guy without the help of steroids it will take several YEARS of heavy weight training to attain this look. You have to add about 40 pounds of muscle to your frame by weight train intensely for 3-6 hours a week for 4-5 years, adding about 8 to 10 pounds of muscle a year on average. You’ll also add a significant amount of bodyfat to accompany that 40 pounds of added muscle, so once you’ve spent 4-5 years adding the muscle, you’re going to have to spend several months, or maybe as much as a year or more, dieting off the extra bodyfat, whilst continuing to weight train like a beast to retain your hard earned muscle. Once you’ve got your body fat down to 10% or less, hey presto, you’re now buff, and the women will be all over you for a change, and throwing themselves at you, rather than the opposite situation. Only problem is it will take most guys without Olympian genetics, or the help of steroids, many years of hard training to get there.

    Women have it a thousand times easier by comparison, because they can just diet for a few weeks, then throw on the fake tan and makeup, and already they become incredibly arrogant, and looking down their nose at the vast majority of men.

    So yes, if you want to have a lot of joy with thin girls, whether they’re workout freaks, or just dieters, you’re going to have to get into the gym, and spend several years getting as buff as you can – because to thin girls, nothing other than a buff body in a guy is acceptable, they’ll just look down their nose at you and be nasty to you and give you horrible put downs otherwise.

    • I can't speak for other women, but I hate overly buff guys. huge turn off for me. a little buff is ok...more like toned, but if you are muscular or like mr universe, I have a hard time trying to take a guy seriously. especially when the veins pop out. it just grosses me out. if a guy is naturally buff it's OK, but if they look like they go to the gym 24/7 and are gym rats, I just look in the other direction.

    • Of course whether they'll speak to you is based on looks - looks are all women care about - don't be fooled by all that they want a nice, funny romantic guy, that's just a blatant lie women tell to make them sound better than they are. You cannot woo women with charm & kindness - they have to think you're hot first. So if you ain't famous or rich, the gym is your only friend. You sound pretty shallow yourself - well women are 10 x more shallow than you could ever be, that should answer your question

    • Toulous, the problem I have is that most girls will not give a guy a chance to show that they can treat them right!

      They will not give a number, or not even speak to them and be very rude in that respect. Girls will do a very large number of things before they give a guy a chance to treat them right.

      So logic says that how the guy LOOKS is what they base the first encounter on. Especially if the girl does not let you even talk to them.

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