Attractive In Real Life But Ugly In Photos

All it takes is as little as one internet photo, for a person to decide whether they will put forth the effort into speaking to you or...

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They say big things comes in small packages. Often the things that have the most value or quality are small; the size of something does...

It's Not "JUST" Hair

Anyone who says, "it's just hair," should talk to actress Keri Russel about the fall out after she famously chopped off her long...

Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty; what is beauty? Is it something that everyone is running after? Or simply something that makes you wanna keep on staring at? Or...

More of the Hottest Women in the World, Part 2

You can check my first myTake about it and then feast your eyes here: SEDEF AVCI-TURKISH ARDEN CHO-AMERICAN ALIZEE-FRENCH AVRİL...

Why Do You Need Other People to Tell You How You Look?

Life lesson number 101: you have to get it into your skull that it doesn't matter if people out in the world or the internet consider...

10 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Turkish Women

1) Melis & Deniz 2) Ipek Yayla Yeah I know she looks like Avril; I noticed before. 3) Hazal Kaya 4) Miray Akay (she looks like Arya...

What do you think about short girls?

Tall girls tend to look like models or really confident What do you think about a short girl and what is short for you?

How do my legs look?

I have been struggling with an eating disorder for almost 2 years, and as time goes by, I look fatter, especially my legs. (Currently...

Does this kind of stomach still look okay?

So I'm a very fit person right now but I used to be overweight. Even though the rest of my body is now relatively small, my stomach...

Would you have sex her?

I would, I'd love to get her pregnant and sniff and lick her black tights.

Would you have sex with this woman?

I would and think she is quite hot. I'd love to smell and lick her black tights.

I look ugly when I'm happy?

But I look cute when I'm not trying 😂 Advice?

Girls, How shockingly handsome is my friend?

Whenever i hang out with him, I feel overshadowed by his good looks. I dont know Im blonde so maybe I just think dark hair looks better.

How Do İ Lokkk?

I'm crossdressınggg

Which one do you find prettiest?

1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.)

Guys, why you like small boobs?

Online many guys say they like small boobs and that size "doesn't matter" but irl only look at busty women... Anyway, why you like...

I'm going to a quince and I need help on how to pick my hair?

By the way, the picture of the straightened hair is me when I did straighten it for a dance. Also keep in mind that I have medium length...

What do you prefer to be groomed?

Trimming them, or shaving. Overall a groomed look.

Does this Camouflage suits me?

which one is better, b&w or original pic? is this pic okay to upload on insta or fb?