Attractive In Real Life But Ugly In Photos

All it takes is as little as one internet photo, for a person to decide whether they will put forth the effort into speaking to you or...

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They say big things comes in small packages. Often the things that have the most value or quality are small; the size of something does...

It's Not "JUST" Hair

Anyone who says, "it's just hair," should talk to actress Keri Russel about the fall out after she famously chopped off her long...

Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty; what is beauty? Is it something that everyone is running after? Or simply something that makes you wanna keep on staring at? Or...

More of the Hottest Women in the World, Part 2

You can check my first myTake about it and then feast your eyes here: SEDEF AVCI-TURKISH ARDEN CHO-AMERICAN ALIZEE-FRENCH AVRÄ°L...

Why Do You Need Other People to Tell You How You Look?

Life lesson number 101: you have to get it into your skull that it doesn't matter if people out in the world or the internet consider...

10 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Turkish Women

1) Melis & Deniz 2) Ipek Yayla Yeah I know she looks like Avril; I noticed before. 3) Hazal Kaya 4) Miray Akay (she looks like Arya...

Are girls with gauges attractive?

A Lot Of People I know Say They Are, A Lot Of Them Say They Aren't, What Do y'all Think?

Guys, what do you think? Is it too small?

and are the stretch marks a turn off?

How do I look? What can I improve?

what can I do to improve? Do I need to lose weight?

Does my face look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup?

Ignore the ugly selfie lol but my dad is honestly being annoying now he said I'm wearing too much makeup like does this even look like a...

So I don't know, how do I look?

so I see everyone asking this and I don't know, I wanted an opinion from strangers, either its good or bad

Insecure, advice?

How do I get over my insecurities? And do younger boys actually like bigger girls?

Does it matter if a girl has a bit of a stomach?

Imagine an overall slim girl, but with a bit of belly fat that sort of goes out. Is that a bad thing?

Favorite photo?

thanks for your opinion :)

Girls, How do I look?

I am Turk. 181 cm / 76 kg / 18 yo. I'm student, my department politics and international relations.

Don't I look alpha?

#alpha #ihateuglypeople

Girls, (in your 20's please) rate me? Am I attractive? Unattractive? Would I pass you looks requirement to date?

I'm 5'9 138lbs and I work out and do a lot of cardio to stay in shape. I'm pale I admit and my skin is a type that simply doesn't tan....

What do you think?

should I exercise more or less? I dont know if this is attractive😅

Girls, How do I look?

If you have any more combinations that you can think of which will look good on me, please do suggest! I have very very few combinations :(