Attractive In Real Life But Ugly In Photos

All it takes is as little as one internet photo, for a person to decide whether they will put forth the effort into speaking to you or...

It's Not "JUST" Hair

Anyone who says, "it's just hair," should talk to actress Keri Russel about the fall out after she famously chopped off her long...

Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty; what is beauty? Is it something that everyone is running after? Or simply something that makes you wanna keep on staring at? Or...

More of the Hottest Women in the World, Part 2

You can check my first myTake about it and then feast your eyes here: SEDEF AVCI-TURKISH ARDEN CHO-AMERICAN ALIZEE-FRENCH AVRÄ°L...

Why Do You Need Other People to Tell You How You Look?

Life lesson number 101: you have to get it into your skull that it doesn't matter if people out in the world or the internet consider...

10 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Turkish Women

1) Melis & Deniz 2) Ipek Yayla Yeah I know she looks like Avril; I noticed before. 3) Hazal Kaya 4) Miray Akay (she looks like Arya...

Does Everyone Have to be Muscular to be Considered Attractive?

For the past 15 years or so, there has been a desire for a muscular/athletic figure. For women, this means having a very low body fat...

Ladies and gentlemen, have you experienced the "ugly duckling syndrome" at some point in your life?

The ugly duckling syndrome is typically when someone who used to be very unattractive/disliked grows into a very attractive/likeable...

What's the ideal height for a girl?

I'm 5'4 and I want to know if a guy who is 6'1 is too tall for me? Am I short or tall? Or just average? What's your ideal height on a girl?

Are my legs fat? Should I try and lose some weight? please be honest?

They're not huge but would they look better if they were a little slimmer?

Am I attractive?

Hey how do i look today rate me maybe? 😊

What would you rate my trans girlfriend/10?

I'm a straight guy currently in a relationship with a transexual female. What would you rate her out of 10?

Girls, attractive features?

Honest opinion. Good or bad?

Guys and girls how do you feel about this body type?

I'm absolutely in love with this man's body. I've never thought that he was big, but someone said something about his size to me the...

Guys, Fake Nails or no?

Ladies, find out if those fake nails are worth the trouble or the money. Guys tell us what you really think :)

Guys Heels or No Heels?

Ladies, time to find out if those heels are really worth it. Guys tell us what you really think.

Who's more attractive? Guess their ages?

Guy A again: Guy B again:

What does the name Queenstar mean?

I have been looking all over the internet for the meaning of this name but still no luck. This name is of Ghanaian origin.