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  • Thank you a valuable lesson, 5 minutes and 21 seconds well spent - A sentence I reserve for great takes and posts - I totally agree and have nothing to add - Great job

  • Despite how we view ourselves through imagination the world will always view us a certain way. That can't be changed no matter how you see yourself. What's that called? That's called reality. His opinion means just as little as those who judge how they view themselves (though he does touch on selling dreams). We all do it and I'm tired of people thinking it's a bad thing. Is it unhealthy to completely down yourself? Yes, but there's a balance here and that balance is between imagination and reality. It's cute to believe in imagination but those who only look towards that are ignorant and naive.

    I believe I'm the most attractive guy on the planet, but I also accept that you and others don't believe that. See if you don't include the reality then when reality does hit will it hurt? How down will you feel? If you climb high enough and fall doesn't the fall usually hurt more? Realizing you can only climb but so high but yet you're still at a higher level? That's the best way to be in my view. Balance is key.


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