How Do I Look? (a little afraid of answers, but I guess it doesn't matter in the end)

Fairly new to this site, but thought I'd give this a try (what do I have to lose after all?)

1-10, 1 being just.. just horrible. 10 is beautiful, gorgeous, angelic, etc etc, yada yada

(Please, if I am not that cute, pretty, etc... please don't be so mean about it. I have very very low self esteem, so negative responses won't help if they're cruel)


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  • You look like the type that's just going through an awkward phase. You have untapped potential to be really hot, I can see it.


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  • Beautiful eyes and clear and nice face, you look nice like this. If it's occasion of party and a bit make-up on face may make it look fabulous for party and etc. But I find your face a bit chubby. It's cute but I think that your Face is looking chubby just due to camera angle on which you have taken your pic.

  • Cute. I love your eyes 0_0

    • A lot of people have pointed out my eyes to me, haha. But they're eyes, I don't see what makes them stand out most (pun not intended)

    • Hmm.. not sure. They're just pretty. Maybe it's the color. Either way, me gusta.

  • You look good... why you so worried lol


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