Do I pass for twenty one?

My friend is having her 21st birthday at a casino and really wants me to hang out with her and her boyfriend on the casino floor. Although the place she's going to doesn't card to enter, there's security that card people on the floor if they look too young.

Do you think I'll pass for 21? I'm not going to drink or gamble or anything, I'm just wondering if I'll have a problem. Thanks!

Oh, and growing a beard is out of the question if someone suggests it. I just can't do it, lol.


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  • You wouldn't even get passed me as 18 bruv.
    Part of my job is to I. d people, i would ask for your I. d for something restricted to over age 18 without a second thought.

    • Ugh, I think you're right. I met the group of people that my friend is going to the casino with and they all look way older than me, so I don't think I'll risk it. I guess I didn't realize how much of a difference a few years makes.

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    • Ugh, no kidding. Well, I appreciate your honesty, even if it reminded me that I'm still just a kid and not ready to play with the big boys yet, haha!

    • @asker thanks for MHO


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  • You look like you're between the ages of 18-19. If you change your hair up a bit, wear mature clothing, and act nonchalantly you shouldn't have a problem (: Just don't act like you've never been out without a chaperone before haha!

    You're really cute by the way;)


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  • doesn't really matter how old you look in a casino most will card if you could be under 21, which obviously you look like you could be. Casinos don't often card unless you are gambling, unless you look very young but I think the odds are that at some point in the night you'd get carded if you are on the floor for a while

  • You pass for 17... just.

  • You should wear a suit when you go so they'll think your loaded or at least dress like an adult. by the way You kinda remind me of that lucky guy from Sin City a dame to kill for. All in all you do look like your 21.

  • Honestly, I'd believe it if you told me you're 21 in a non-club setting. At a club, however, I would be suspicious that you were trying to lie to get in.