Honestly Am I Really?

I got told today by this guy I work with that I was just flat out ugly I mean I know I'm Not The Perfect 10 But Am I Really That Bad Looking?


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  • Girl. You are GORGEOUS. You have beautiful, buttery brown skin like the rich color of the Earth’s soil. Dark brown eyes that glimmer and pull you in like the bottom of a well. A sunshiney smile! You are a beautiful young lady and don’t you let any immature asshole tell you anything else! Lets just take a moment to absorb how horrible that jerk’s home training is and how ashamed his mother should be for raising her son to be so impolite, tactless, and rude!

    Let me tell you something: Most men in this era will fail and get their hearts torn apart because they don’t know how to accurately measure beauty. He sounds like the time of mentally mediocre idiot who will be so shamelessly caught up in his own ignorance that he will attract all the wrong females simply because his scale of beauty is all f*cked up. A lot of these guys out here just look at a girl and decide she’s beautiful because she has a pretty face and nice tits. Yet they’re not asking, “Is she intelligent? Is she kind? Is she honest? Is she brave? Does she have a value system? Who is she when she thinks no one is paying attention?” and this is why they get their hearts broken. Seriously, you cannot rely on a man’s perspective of beauty to make you feel good about yourself.


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  • No you look fine.

  • Ur not even close to ugly. ur very pretty.

  • yea... you are cute


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