Is having a bit of facial hair ugly?

i know all girls have hair on their faces, everyone does, unless you get it removed, but apparently its a flaw if you do have a bit more than others, or if the light shines on your face and you can see it then you ugly.. i dont think this is true at all but what do you think? opinions?


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  • The girl I am seeing has facial hair (a little more than normal probably) but it makes no impact on the way I feel about her. She is insecure about it and I've never ever talked to her or brought it up but I know this to be the case.

    I think it's more to do with the individuals insecurity. It's not a bad thing, if a guy doesn't like you because of a little extra facial hair, forget him, he's plain and simply shallow and not worthy of your time!


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  • I don't think it's really that big of a deal but if it were to become bothersome to someone, you can always bleach it or use nair lotion hair remover. It's also not hard to learn to wax it yourself. I think it would only really be an issue if it's longer and dark or thicker than usual. That would probably be pretty distracting.

  • Of course it isn't a big deal! No one ever says anything unless it's like really bad. I'll admit, my brother taunted me for two years about having a mustache and I was and still am insecure about it, but they have all kinds of hair removal techniques! Don't worry about it unless you can't love with it because it truly doesn't matter!

  • I personally remove all facial hair from myself apart from my eyebrows and eyelashes.

    If you've got @rthomas43 level beard then maybe check out a doc, but peach fuzz is typically widely accepted.

    • "If you've got @rthomas43 level beard then maybe check out a doc"

      *one finger salute*

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    • @rthomas43 Good grief. I'm pretty sure I've complimented your beard before I would never shit talk that work of art.

    • My apologies for jumping to conclusions too quickly.