Honestly, how do you think I look?

I would appreciate it if you ladies (and guys if you're so inclined) to tell me how you think I look. I mean, do you think I'm attractive, cute, meh, not attractive or whatever. Don't worry, I can take it.


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  • Not beardy enough

    • Fair enough. I'd shaved my beard down a week before this picture was taken and it was getting pretty big.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I think you are adorable and you look smart. You look good with glasses and you probably would look good without. I would say don't be too hard on yourself. I do think you're cute though :D

    • Thanks! I think I'm a total stud, just wanted to get other people's opinions haha (sarcastic if not obvious)

    • ahh lol I couldn't tell I thought you were just joking but kinda meant it lol but nan you're cute

      You should see the positives lol and you probably have blue eyes? That's a plus to ! :D

    • My eyes tend to change color between faded blues and greens with fire-looking yellowish colors. My eyes are weird haha

  • cute in a nerdy/geeky/dorky way. as I put it adorkable XD not a typo XP

    • haha Thanks. I'm gonna have to put that as my description if I ever use a dating site.

    • its a cute word that literally means cute XD

  • You look fine.


What Guys Said 1

  • You look like a girl would tell you that you have a good personality.

    Seriously though, not bad brotha. I'm sure you can get plenty of action, if you aren't already.

    • haha Thanks, man. If I weren't a good little Christian boy I would get plenty of tail (yet again, sarcasm. about the getting tail, not Christian)

    • Religion restricting your pussy access huh? You poor soul. I mean if it makes ya happy, then by all means, praise Jesus, but I feel for you man.