How to get hair like Kylie Jenner?

So I have short hair like Kylie Jenner. I want volume like hers when my hair is straight. How Do I do that in a way it doesn't get frizzy?


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  • Use silicone free shampoo. Only use the clear shampoo, not the creamy kind and get one that says it's for giving your hair volume. Only apply conditioner to the tips of your hair until about mid shaft - do NOT go near those roots!. You could try blow drying your hair upside down with a bit of mousse at the roots. Don't apply all over hair, it'll weigh it down. If that doesn't work, blow dry it in sections with a round brush, again, only using mousse at the root. Tease a little at root to give a little more volume. You kinda have to play around with it for a bit to see what works best for your hair. There is also a shampoo called a clarifying shampoo that is a bit harsher than regular shampoo. It's not for every use, just for once in a while to get rid of the build up from hair products that regular shampoo can't get out. I usually try new things on the weekend mornings or when I'm not going somewhere, that way if I screw up and it looks horrible no one will see it but me. These have worked for me so far. Good luck!


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  • wow i actually had to look her up. well just go to a stylist and show them what you wanna look like but make sure you give them enough to work with.

  • First head to los angeles.


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