Detox diet for acne?

Do anyone know a diet plan or detox diet.. detox drinks for acne.. i already tried lemon which gave only a not bad feeling.. anything else?


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  • If you have really acne maybe try going to a dermatologist.

    Otherwise just try to eat healthier, exercise, and make sure you're not dehydrated but I don't think you'd need a total detox, those aren't always good for you :/

    Another piece of advice would be to wash your face twice a days.

    Start out with warm water-hot water (not boiling), this will open up your pores, then lather your face with antibacterial soap , nothing too harsh though, make sure it's approved for face use, read reviews.


    this one has decent reviews and I think it's less harsh on your skin than a lot of those acne face washes they sell. Also you don't need to use a ton. Ok, so as I was saying.

    Step 1. Is get your face wet with warm water
    Step 2. Lather your face with the soap, perhaps using a washcloth
    Step 3. Rince the soap away with warm water
    Step 4. Finish off by rinsing your face with cold water.

    The logic is that the warm water opens yours pores, the soap cleans them, and the cold water closes your pores back up so that dirt and bacteria doesn't get back in.

    I'd say try this once/twice a day, also try just rinsing your face with cold water when your skin feels greasy could help. Avoid using a lot of heavy makeup since it makes it harder for your skin to breath, eat healthier, you don't need to detox, also exercise is good as well.

    I've never had really bad acne but I think if you do all the things I just mentioned for like a month then you should see results, if not perhaps you should just go see a dermatologist since they'd be able to give you an expert opinion and I'm not really an expert. All I know is that what I just mentioned did help improve my skin but your skin could be different from mine :/


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  • Stick with natural foods. Processed sugars seem to be a big problem.

    As for detox drinks, don't believe the hype. You have a natural detox system... your liver and kidneys.

  • Don't try lemon don't do any home remedies they are all myths and don't work just eat less sugar and less fatty foods.

  • No greasy foods. Especially pork

  • Pm me cause I have acne to and I've done some stuff that really helped.

  • It's unlikely that'd work, diet and acne aren't connected despite the bullshit you might read online. You need a decent dermatologist.

    • I have visited many dermatologist.. and its that acne and foods are connected.. so many people get acne when they eat a particular type food.. anyways thankyou..:-)

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    • I went through all different kinds of antibiotics and creams, pretty much all there was. I had dermabrasion and laser treatment! None of it worked, this was all through the doctor or paying for it myself. I tried everything you could find online too. Accutane finally sorted me out. Do a bit of research on it.

    • Mmm sure..:-(

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  • I'm drinking green tea right now... and a shit ton of water.

    I get like 1-3 pimples anytime that my stupid period comes around and fucks up my face.