Can I be cute AND hot?

I'm extremely short ( 4 ft 11) and a proud prude. I've very mature, but extremely outgoing, so I may seem a little childish? I'm always the "cute" one and get the "aww" reaction, but I just wanna look beautiful; even be called hot perhaps. I don't know what it is, but what can I do to be seen differently?


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  • Why does a proud prude want to be hot?

    Honest question. Don't answer it. Just think about it.

    • You said not to answer but…
      I'm not sure. I'm proud of myself for not being a slut like all my other friends, but I feel like I'm a five year old hanging with a bunch of teenagers. I wanna feel as pretty as they are! maybe not be so prude? It's kind of exhausting...

    • Cool. Cute is a special kind of pretty. Don't knock it because it's not just puppy dog cute, but it'll grow up with you. Cute doesn't last though. Enjoy it while it's still there. Some guys your age are looking for extra mature looking girls, but trust me. They'll spend the rest of their lives trying and failing to look cute.

      Your behavior is the main perception driver anyway, and it sounds like you're on track. Don't rush it.

      Like the country song says, you're gonna miss this. :-)


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  • I think if you are being called cute then you are both hot and beautiful.

    And I bet there are people who are attracted to you so I wouldn't worry. Prude is definitely better than being a slut and you'll attract the right kind of attention and guys by keeping this way.

    Ultimately just be yourself.

  • Hot is sexual. Cute is not. That's the main difference. Hot means attractive in a sexual way, cute means attractive in... well, a cute way I guess. Like "that girl is so cute I don't even wanna fuck her brains out, I just wanna look in her eyes and hug her."

    At least that's how I see it. I almost never refer to my crush as "hot" although other guys probably do.

  • You buy guns. Lots and lots of guns. Get a tattoo of the American flag on your lower back (confederate not that other pussy ass one). Then, you find all of the lambs that you can and you sacrifice them to the great Ronald Reagan. Then rub some bacon on your armpits until you sizzle.


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  • I'm 5'10 and I find it hard for me to be cute because I'm tall and it's awkward for a tall person to try to act extremely cute. I don't think it's the same way for you because I think short people can be hot and cute. Anyway, on normal daily basis when you want to be comfortable (like on days at school) it would be hard to be considered hot, but if you were going to a party you could dress up and wear heels and then be considered hot. Looking beautiful is something every girl has, so I wouldn't worry about it. If it makes you feel better just devote one or two days of the week to actually curl or straighten hair and do "extravagant" makeup.