How do I look, Please rate me out of 10?

Based on the profile picture:
Also I've never had a boyfriend before and i think my looks might be the problem
Age -16
Height- 5'11 (180cm)

Thank You ;)

Sorry, i forgot to add that i hate photos...


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  • Your really cute. So looks are certainly not the issue. Your really tiny but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. so while I like women with more meat on their bones, there are a lot of guys that want someone that is way too thin like you. It takes time. guys are idiots at your age. Maybe your expectations are too high. If your holding out for the captain of the football team, then your going against all the other girls in school. At your age you hold all the power for relationships. So unless your talking about the "in" crowd and the "pretty people" if your willing to make the first move you can usually have your pick. The guys that will treat you like a princess are the nerds... give them a try.
    although I don't know what qualifies as a nerd anymore... when I was a kid it was anyone into computers and getting good grades...


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  • you look completely fine. wow you're tall.

  • there's nothing wrong with ur looks at all. Besides 16 isn't old to have not had a bf. Just try and be confident with a guy you like 😊


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  • You're pretty. And tall!
    And seriously you're young don't worry about bf's