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My boobs are a size B and I am 18 years old. I am naturally slim and I have an hourglass figure but everything is proportionally small. when I wear a bra my boobs look normal, but when my bra is off, they are kind of perky and pointy-ish? Not like daggers haha but kind of cone-like? When i eventually get physically intimate with a guy i am worried that he will think they look weird. GUYS if you were the one i was with, which would you prefer when we are PHYSICALLY INTIMATE?

  • After i saw them without a bra i would end things
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  • After i saw them without a bra i wouldn't want to be physically intimate with you
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  • After i saw them without a bra i would rather you wear a bra so they look more normal
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  • After i saw them without a bra i would want to keep seeing them like that
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  • Perky is not a bad thing. I think you are over worrying. Any guy that is close enough with you to see your boobs will be happy no matter what. And will for sure not break up with you! God made you perfect and you have nothing to worry about


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  • Pointy boobs aren't uncommon. Besides, I personally like the extra form they have, it's really cool.

    I think most guys have learned at this point that boobs vary a lot in their sizes and builds. I don't think anyone will be put off by whatever shape they happened to be. You don't need to hide them.

  • You're fine. Girls come in different shapes and sizes and we know that. Perky is good, so their shaped a little different, big deal. If the guy likes you for you, then he'll brush that right off and keep going.

  • no. small boobs wouldn't be a deal braker, if other features matched my taste

  • That sounds very attractive... you don't think so?

  • Overwhelming poll results for this one! Be proud of those boobs!

  • Boobs usually have no impact on my decisions.


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