How do I look section? DO people use this?
Umm I saw a question posted in this category and I was wondering if people used it XP
umm and if you look at it do i look better with or without the beard?

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  • I'm not old enough to answer this question. Although, i do want to know what that thing in the bottle glass jar thing is? And why is it there? ._.

    • lol i forgot about that! it's moonshine, a type of whiskey. sometimes we put apples in it for flavor and the apples absorb both the flavor and alcohol. We then eat the apples later

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    • i'll do my research.

    • In addition it's just the cycle of life. I catch a small fish like a minnow and then use that fish to catch another, larger fish. I then eat the larger fish. It's how the predator/ prey system works

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  • I don't use it nor do I plan to. I'm not too comfortable with posting pics of myself online. Even back when I had a fb I'd use a flower as my profile pic.

  • U look better wo beard

  • You look best with a little stubble.


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