Can you change your Birthday on GAG?

I noticed that Gag recently changed the age limits from between 18-24 to an exact age (22) I am 21 and I guess I never realized that I entered my year incorrectly. Does anyone know how to change that?


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  • the slight descrepancy shouldn't matter, and probably only helps keep your privacy, if I were you I'd be happy GAG isn't revealing your exact age and by changing it on your birthday giving your DOB away too*

    (*the risk for idendity theft is minimal, but you should still be wary of it... for the most part the internet just doesn't need to know these details, and for some reasons a lot of banks and the like still expect your DOB to be some huge secret only you would know...)

    • no, I have my birthday incorrect just the year right. I made my realy Birthday and fake one close enough so that it wouldn't make a diffee, but yeah I hear you.


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  • I think you have to inbox whoever owns this site and ask them to change it.

    • Thanks a lot. :) Will do

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  • you have to contact an admit for it