Social awkward and loner girl?

i've always wondering what everyone really think about a girl who's social awkward and loner.
if you're a guy, i wanted to know if you'll make fun of me or hate me or maybe got freaked out with this type of person
if you're a girl, what do you actually think when you see this type of girl?
thanks~~ ^^


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  • I wouldn't despise you. I just probably would have a harder time trying to talk to you since I too am quite an awkward loner... Might lightly tease you if I do somehow spark up a conversation, but I more need someone who can make the conversation flow easily.

    Hell went on a date with this one girl who just couldn't spark a conversation with. She was too awkward to be around with. Trying to talk to her was like trying to talk to a brick wall. Took her back to my place somehow and all she did was stare at a wall or watch me play a game on the computer. I said everything to try to instigate her to speak, from philosophical musings to even some light perverted things, and at the end of the day it fell flat. Never want to date a girl like that again to be honest.

    • i at least not that awkward if the guy has been close with me for a long time. yesterday i went to a concert with a guy and i'm having fun with him ^^


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  • although loner girls are not my type, i'd not make fun of you of course...

    • that'd be great, keep it up~ don't do horrible things to loner girl, i'm sure they'll get depressed

  • "if you'll make fun of me or hate me "

    As a teenage boy, you're more likely to make fun of them
    No boy is going to hate you just because you're a loner or socially awkward.

    It's other girls who will do that.

    • hwaaa seriously? >w<
      when i was in 8th grade the boys used to laughed at me and when my friend asked them, they said because i'm weird and that was all lol~~

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    • is that mean when they laugh, they don't hate me? '-')

    • Yes.

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  • I think I want to be her friend

  • I would try talk to her and involve her in things

    • BIC phat liar! No one would even bother with this type of person as far as I know >.>

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    • If no one wasn't coanle putting up with them, who else would? I hope u aren't lying to urself ;P

    • it actually right that no one would even bother with me, but i don't know why i always believe everyone at first until they do something horrible, so don't worry ^^