I have no problem rating a man's beauty with honesty, but struggle to when I girl asks me to rate her?

It's because society has taught us women that our primary worth is our beauty. When you tell a girl she's ugly, it's like you're telling her she's worthless; and has little value. A girl's got to be pretty insecure to feel the need to ask on here in the first place, so granting her bitter honesty doesn't make me feel good. I tend to ignore their questions.

But when it comes to guys, although it may hurt, it's not always the end of everything; because they're judged more by success and wealth.


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  • Well, here's a suggestion. If you find something in her that you don't find to be the most attractive, why not offer genuine and kind-worded advice on how she might address that?

    Also, beauty is absolutely not the only metric a women is judged by. It's the most visible and gets the most attention, but it is not the most important, not by a long shot. Women fixate on looks and think it's the most important, and I think one of the reasons why is that women don't approach men--they get approached. And it's an arms race to be *noticed* But you don't have to be the most beautiful women to be noticed--there are behavioral things you can do.

    Looks/being noticed gets attention and get's your foot in the door of a man's life. But a guy worth his salt does not end it there in determining a woman's worth. The way you treat other people. They way you treat yourself and him. Your sense of right and wrong, your loyalty, your ambition, your passion, your honesty--in short, your character. These are infinitely more important. Your beauty must be more than skin deep for a man to give you his heart.


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  • "When you tell a girl she's ugly, it's like you're telling her she's worthless; and has little value." <--- that's false. if in case a girl is ugly, according to my taste, it doesn't mean she's WORTHLESS.

    she might have an interesting personality... so please stop thinking that way... society rules can go fuck off basically

    • I dont think that way, but the girl you give a low beauty rating to will.

  • I disagree, the main worth of a woman has nothing to do with looks, instead, it is her ability to be a 'woman', and all that entails

    • Yes, and we're taught that the only note worthy characteristic of being a "woman" is beauty.

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    • Ooh, of course I don't mean those are truly the worth of a woman. What I'm saying is that it's what society teaches you. I do not in any way go along with this. It's just saddening to see so many others caught in this trap though.

    • I think we all have a responsibility to implore on impressional women what they really are truly judged on. Rather than let them be guided by transparency

  • I have no problem telling women the truth, only if they ask me.

  • Society did teach you that, it's built into you that's why this behavior is common among all societies.


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  • I think telling a girl her worth lies in her attraction is about as bad as it gets. Way worse than just saying she's not attractive.

    It's funny you have a problem rating a girls attraction but no problem reducing her to it.

    Society isn't an invisible hand that comes fine upon you. You are society. You have a say in what you think and in the energy and wisdom you out firth in the works and in the contribution you make.

    Saying you think something bc someone rise told you to is like trying to argue you are consciously unconscious.

    • Because from her perspective I would be telling her she's worthless... I could tell her "You're not the prettiest girl in the word, but don't worry; not everything's about looks."; but most of these girls have been told this countless times and it doesn't change how they really feel about themselves.

      To them, you're just telling them they're worthless.

    • ... Put forth in the world*

      ... Someone else*