Asymmetrical Jaw?

The left side of my jaw is more pronounced than my right. You could say my entire chin is crooked to the left and doesn't align with the top half of my face. I lose a lot of self-confidence about this, and I have trouble looking people in their eyes. Although someone hasn't outright made fun of me for having an asymmetrical face or pointed it out, I know that people have noticed. Sometimes, I find people staring at me. I've been thinking that maybe if I get braces (I have really crooked lower teeth) it'll get better, but my parents aren't letting me until later because they want to wait until my teeth are fully grown. I also don't have access to makeup. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with this?


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  • if in case someone makes fun about it, then ignore him. i believe it's a tiny detail that most people wouldn't notice anyway

  • No. However photoshop all of your FB photos.

    • Even if I feel uncomfortable hiding the truth, I usually take my photos at an angle in which people won't be able to tell, but thank you for your reply.

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  • Tyler Posey has an asymmetrical jaw and he's good-looking, so maybe it's not as bad as you think it is?

    • I do have a boyfriend who reminds me that I'm pretty. . .

    • You even have a boyfriend? lol You have nothing to worry about. Plus, you'll soon be able to get braces, put on makeup, etc.