Y'all Can Rate Me?

Just wanna know how people see me from 1-10


Most Helpful Girl

  • rate you by your personality? sorry i don't know you :(. if i get to know you better may be i can rate you then
    rate you by looks? well your profile picture is of a cartoon character so i guess i'd say you look 2d to me. so 2D/10 :)

    • haha nah already took the pick dwn

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What Girls Said 3

  • I give you a 7 and maybe would of gave you an 8 if the picture wasn't so dark.

  • Fat nosed paki who's already balding.

    • Hahaha I guarantee this is the same guy who commented as a Male anon. good one, you pose as two different people on gag your definitely living a productive lifestyle.

    • It's kind of sad that you've got such a high image of yourself, that you assume a person who gives you an honest bitter truthful opinion about your appearance means they've got to have another motive behind it all..

  • like a 3 im really sorry but honest !

    • its kool thanks for the honesty

What Guys Said 2

  • no offence but you kinda look like those Latino criminals you see on tv. Id give you a 3

    • lol i actually see no offense in that what so ever. i already kinda knew that because most people would tell me they were either scared or find me intimidating before they actually get to know me. its an unfortunate thing but something that really doesn't bother me.

    • I know what your saying. I have a coworker who is pretty much the same. He has a lot of tattoos and looks really intimidating but after getting to know him I learned that he is a really hard worker and super nice person overall

  • -5/10 smh :/

    • Hahaha I guarantee this is some guy i trolled. hit that anon box let me see if I'm right.