Do I have a stomach pooch, is it a turn off if guys have a stomach pooch, and am I skinny fat?

In my "about me" section there is a link to my photobucket with the pics. My question is a double one. Firstly, do I have a stomach pooch? Secondly, is a stomach pooch a turn off for you. Thirdly, am I skinny fat? Again, the pics I am referring to are linked in my "about me" section. I'm not a high enough level to link stuff apparently.


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  • Tiny one, you can barely tell, but I don't think it's fat, it's not a turn off, and you are not a kinny fat. But I guess we need a bigger picture.


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  • you're on anon lol

    • I changed it

    • wow your body is um actually great. I was expecting something else and no I don't really mind and you know many girls have that too!

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  • About Me
    I enjoy gaming. And girls. And lemonade. That's about all. Also, I'm 17 not 20. I accidentally picked the wrong DOB that's all

    where are they?