Do double chins make a guy look ugly even if he is not skinny?

So I have a small double chin. Does that make a guy ugly cause I seem to have no luck with women and honestly I think is because of that. I'm not fat either I'm like 175 lb and I have muscle but my double chin I think kills it for me


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  • It's not ideal, but there is no single person with ideal everything, or if there is he's extremely rare. Most people realize this and will not mind. The women who seek perfection end up alone and desperate at 30 looking for marriage before they can't reproduce.

    • True man fucking true but while all this other skint chin dudes are getting laid I ain't haha that's fucked up I mean I do get some but my homie gets all the time cause this women only go for men that are good looking and I'm not bad looking but this double chin does kill it

    • Trust me it's not a big deal. I have a defined jaw line but my hairline is fucked up. Just deal with what you got bro.

    • I know bro I try but it gets hard watching all the pretty ones go with different dudes wile i stay wanting one for me and it sucks cuz when they do want sex and they are fine they only want that and keep me on the friend zone


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  • Women are attracted to a strong jawline, so a double chin wouldn't really be their first choice. That said, a great personality makes up quite a bit for physical deficiencies.

    But it wouldn't hurt to maybe work out a bit more. Do you know what your body fat percentage is? If you want to lose the double chin, knowing that number can help you set a good goal for workouts.

  • were you fat before? if you were, then double chin could remain there

    • If you loss weight, fat in a face is not supposed to disappear?

    • Yeah fuck man I'm fucked haha sometimes women tell me you need more meat on you you would look better if you was big I'm like wtf I just lost all this weight for them to tell me I need to gain it haha

  • No homo but bet this guy gets the ladies just fine:

  • Even uglier is my belive... but im a male so