Why is sexual objectification or material worse than?

horror movies or any other degrading imagery when this is all these things are? Are we so influenced by what we see that we then treat a person in front of us the same way? Do you think it is mainly about if you as a person are a moron


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  • Sexual objectification is a huge issue. When you're told your only worth is placed on how you look, you're never ever going to be satisfied because no one actually looks the way theyre told to by the media. there's absolutely no winning unless you can somehow completely ignore every ad on TV, in magazines, on the Internet and outside, which is pretty much impossible.

    A lot of the messages we get in the media are that women are here for men's pleasure and that's it. It's extremely offensive. Men get messages that if they don't have women following them around constantly, they aren't attractive. It's also offensive. There's a lot of worth placed on your sexual history, but almost none placed on intelligence, morals, or personality.

    • Its strange as the objectification of men is mainly what he does, has and can do. Like you see the watches or the suits , it's mad catch 22?

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    • It's deeply ingrained, yes. But also its to make people insecure to sell a product. AT the end of the day the people making these ads are trying to sell you something. If you make a woman feel insecure about how she looks she's more likely to buy makeup or hair products.

    • Then marry an advertiser!! Well I think it is people who make things secure in reality, I feel insecure my social position to women


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  • They're all bad, but sexual objectification is considered something that is more deeply ingrained in our society and impacts a greater number of people. It's also something that we can fix, but it takes time.

    • It's like men are disposable? The army, body count in action movies etc hardly gets any one batting an eye

  • Sexual objectification is a social issue (not an individual issue like rape) that treats women as if their primary value is sexual attractiveness. In society, women are assigned the gender role of sexual attractiveness, and men are assigned the gender role of sexual agency/aggression. This problem hurts both genders, but the gender role of being a sexual object is specifically assigned to women in society. Be the change you want to see. lol

    • get cast out lol

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    • wait for the girls to make a move on me lol

    • That's what I do, I lay in wait like a trap-door spider!