Do you think Jamie Dornan's hot?

after i watched fifty shades of mr grey, i just omg who is he. he 's very charm.
do you think same me? :)


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  • Honestly, I feel like if you are attracted to a guy like Christian Grey, then you have some issues.

    I am all for BDSM. I have no problem with it and even find it a bit arousing to think about. But this book/movie goes beyond that. This is an abusive, controlling relationship. Extremely abusive. BDSM is about consenting adults who respect each other and their limits.

    I know if the roles were flipped, I'd be thinking the girl was psycho for being so abusive, and that I would never be attracted to a girl like that.

    The sheer popularity of this book, really makes me question the state of the female gender with the regards to sexuality. I'm all for sexual freedom, but when millions of women are getting wet at the thought of a guy literally abusing them and treating like them a slave, I feel like somewhere you crossed the line.


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  • just an ordinary male of the 2010s

    short hair and beard... dude you're just one from the mas

  • I do think the same as you omg.


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