How can I fix my bangs?

So I got my bangs trimmed and the bitch who cut them messed them up. Will they do cut them thicker I feel they're a little too thin but she blow dried them. They are irriating the hell out of me. I usually straighten them but my straightener doesn't style them good. I need a wider plate. Do you think it is a result of how the lady cut them or my issue with straightener issue.

I had them thicker last time. They seem a lot thinner now I really don't understand.


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  • then be patient... they will grow back ;-)

    oh and by the way, dont go to any random hairdresser... go ONLY to someone you trust, or do it by yourself if you know

    i had some bad exp. with some asshole before, last April. that cocksucker, cut my hair in an almost buzz cut style... since then i\ve never had a haircut again. love my longer hair


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  • You straighten the chunks of your hair according to the size of the plate. Sounds like you're trying to put too much of your hair between the plates. It may not get hot enough, you might not have the products your hair wants, if you want it thicker add a piece or a volumizing product and stop trying to straighten it out so much. I don't think you need to be angry at the stylist a messed up bang is when it's crooked or not enough of your front is cut.

  • Get a clipper and use that to get it out of the way of your eyes.